FACT - How to Connect FACT to Cloudbeds PMS

FACT is a management solution for properties located in Portugal only, certified by the tax authority, which allows you to issue invoices.

This article shows you step by step how to set up your FACT account with your Cloudbeds account.

If you do not have an account with FACT or wish to integrate an existing account with your Cloudbeds account, contact our Support Team.

Currently, the payments allocation functionality does not work with items posted via integrated apps, such as Poster or other POS apps.

  • The first step of this tutorial should be done by the Property Owner.
  • Make sure to Create a FACT account before connecting it to Cloudbeds.

Step 1 - Cloudbeds PMS Account Settings

Before integrating your Fact account, make sure that all your Cloudbeds PMS settings are correct. While you set up all the required items, described below, Cloudbeds support team will create your FACT account (if you do not have one yet) and also configure all the mandatory fields.

Check below all required items for Cloudbeds PMS system configuration prior to integration with your Fact account:

1.1. Payment Allocation

To enable Fact and issue invoices, Payment Allocation feature needs to be enabled.

  1. Access Account -> System -> Preferences
  2. Enable Payment Allocation feature

For further information about Payment Allocation, refer to this article: Payment Allocation Overview

1.2. Taxes and Fees

Under Taxes and Fees tab, the following taxes must be configured:

  • IVA 6% (Applied to rates)
  • IVA 23% (Applied to products)
  • These taxes should be set as Inclusive so that all taxes are included in the rate/products
  • If you do not have these taxes created, remember that when you create a new tax, the system will not recalculate your past reservations. The new tax will be applied only for future reservations -  it is not possible to issue invoices through Cloudbeds PMS without these taxes
    In this case, access your Fact account to create the invoice manually.

To learn more about Taxes and Fees and how to create them correctly, visit this article: Taxes & Fees - Everything you need to know

City Tax / Tourist Tax - If Applicable

Remember that not all cities that charge the Tourist Tax (M99). If your city charges Tourist Tax, it also needs to be created as a fee in Cloudbeds PMS account - It will be an addition to the M99 that will be created in your Fact account.

To know more about the Tourist Tax, click here.

Check the following example:

After the invoice is issued, the information that the tax rate is exempt will appear on the Fact invoice.

1.3. Reservation Sources

Under the Reservation Sources tab make sure that the tax (applied to rates - IVA6%) is linked with all the reservation sources.

Also check the all Primary and Third-Party sources.

If you don't remember how to link Taxes to reservation sources, refer to this article: Applying Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources

1.4. Items and Services

Under the Items & Services tab, make sure that the tax (applied to items - IVA23%) is linked to all required items.

To learn more about Items & Services and how to link taxes to them, refer to this article: Taxes & Fees - Everything you need to know (Step 6)

1.5. Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Guest's Tax ID Number (not mandatory)

This tip can help make your tax reporting more efficient.

We suggest making the Guest's Tax ID Number a required field on your booking engine page so the guest will be required to provide this information in advance and it will be automatically saved under the guest details.

This setting streamlines the billing process because the guest will need to fill out this field when making the reservation on your booking engine. This data will be saved automatically on Cloudbeds PMS and you can issue the invoice quickly.


  1. Access Mybooking Settings
  2. Enable the option Ask for Guest's Tax ID Number
  3. Click on Save
1.6. FACT Login and Password

At this point, you have already received an invitation from FACT via email to set up your login and password. Once you receive the email, log into your FACT account to proceed with the following mandatory settings:

Click on Faturação tab

  1. Under Definições e Suporte section, you will see a number 3 highlighted in red. It means that you have pending fields to be completed before proceeding with the FACT connection. Click on Definições
  2. Click on Alterar to complete all the mandatory fields
  3. Navigate through the left side until all required fields are filled out

Step 2 - FACT Account Settings

The steps below will be performed by the Cloudbeds support team, however, we will describe them here so you know what settings we will adjust. 

To have your Fact account ready to be connected to your Cloudbeds PMS, Cloudbeds support team will create your property profile/user, mandatory taxes and the new API key.

2.1. Create Mandatory Taxes
  1. Login to your FACT account and click on Faturação
  2. Click on Definições
  3. Access Empresa tab
  4. Click on Impostos

Under the Impostos tab, you must have 3 types of taxes (this is mandatory)

  • IVA 6% (Applied to rates)
  • IVA 23% (Applied to products / items)
  • M99 (Exempt Tax / Tourist Tax)
  1. If you click on Add, you will be able to choose the taxes under the drop-down menu. If the tax is not available under the drop-down menu, it means that you already have this tax created on your account.
2.2. API Key

The API key is the most important step. With this key, we'll be able to connect your Fact account to the Cloudbeds PMS;

Cloudbeds support team will create this key for you!

  1. Click on API tab
  2. Click on Nova Chave de API if you do not have an API key created yet
  1. Nome de Implementação: Cloudbeds
  2. Email Administrativo: Property owner email address
  3. Tipo de Série: Produção
  4. Criar Nova Série: Sim (Yes)
  5. Nome da Série: CBAPI
  6. Select the option Preço com 8 casas decimais (this is mandatory - otherwise, the integration will not work properly)
  7. Click on Adicionar

Any other configuration different from the above may negatively impact the connection between your FACT account and Cloudbeds PMS. This will result in errors when integrating or issuing invoices.

You can make sure that the settings above have been successfully completed by accessing the Series tab:

Step 3 - FACT and Cloudbeds PMS connection

The steps below will be performed by Cloudbeds support team

Since you have already set up your FACT and Cloudbeds accounts properly, Cloudbeds support team will connect your Fact API key so you can start issuing invoices.

Click on the gear icon

  1. Click on FACT Integration
  2. Insert the API Key (copied from your FACT account)
  3. Choose the option Live
  4. Switch the toggle to Yes
  1. Map your Taxes - the taxes created in Cloudbeds PMS should be mapped to the taxes created in your Fact account.

Even if the tourist tax appears on the mapping, it is not mandatory to map it - it will be automatically associated with the M99.

If you have questions about FACT integration or if you are facing issues, check the following knowledge base articles or contact our support team.

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