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Taxes and Fees - Everything you need to know


The Taxes and Fees section on Cloudbeds PMS allows to include any sales, state or federal taxes, or any other taxes you may charge on top of a room night rate or a sold product in your property.

This article offers a brief introduction to this section, and also a general overview about how to manage your taxes and fees.

If you are connected to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), configure the same taxes and fees on the channel side. Learn more about Mapping Your Taxes and Fees Between Cloudbeds PMS and Distribution Channels

1. Access the Taxes and Fees section
  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Property Configuration and click on Taxes and Fees
2. Types of Taxes and Fees

There are different types of Taxes and Fees on Cloudbeds PMS, which are available to choose from when creating a new Tax/Fee. See Taxes and Fees - Types of Taxes and Fees on Cloudbeds PMS to learn more.

3. How to create new Taxes and Fees

Create all the required Taxes and Fees for your property by following these steps: Taxes and Fees - How to Create Taxes and Fees

4. Edit or Delete Taxes and Fees

After creating your Taxes and Fees, it is possible to edit/delete them, if necessary. Learn more here: Taxes and Fees - How to edit or delete Taxes and Fees

5. Apply Taxes and Fees to Reservation Sources

Add and calculate the taxes/fees automatically for specific reservation sources. Check this article to learn more: Apply Taxes and Fees to Specific Sources

6. Include taxes and fees in the guest deposit

In Cloudbeds PMS, Taxes and Fees are not automatically added to a guest deposit, meaning that these need to be added manually. Learn how: Taxes and Fees - How to include Taxes and Fees in the guest deposit

7. Add exclusive tax/fee to a reservation manually

When an exclusive tax/fee is manually added to a reservation, this reservation grand total will be updated accordingly. Learn more here: Adding exclusive tax/fee to a reservation

8. Apply Taxes & Fees to an Existing Item

Once your items are created, it is possible to link the applicable taxes or fees to these products. For more information, see Taxes and Fees - How to Link Taxes and Fees to an existing item or service

9. Rate-Based Tax (Dynamic Tax)

The Rate-Based Tax (Dynamic Tax) is a type of tax that may vary depending on several setup rules. If values are higher than a certain amount, a different tax would be applied. Learn more about this tax type in Taxes and Fees - Rate-Based Tax (Dynamic Tax)

See Taxes and Fees - Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions related to Taxes and Fees.

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