How to apply Taxes and Fees to Reservation Sources


In myfrontdesk, you may link taxes/fees to different reservation sources. This will automatically add the taxes/fees to the reservation rate coming from a specific source.

This article will walk you through the process of applying taxes and fees to your reservation sources and shows how to recalculate reservation rates with newly applied taxes/fees.

Property Owner has access to the Sources settings by default. The rest of the users can be granted permission to Sources by the Property Owner. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

How to apply taxes or fees to reservation sources

  1. Click Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Reservation Sources
  3. Select the source type: Primary Sources or Third Party Sources
  4. Next to the source click Configure Taxes/Fees For Source

    In example below, the tax will be applied to source 'Walk In' meaning that the tax will be added automatically to all reservations created when selecting 'Walk In' as a source.
  1. Select the Tax or fee to be applied to the source
  2. Click Save

If you have any future reservations with this source, the system will ask you whether to recalculate the reservations. See section How to recalculate existing future reservations for more details.

  1. By selecting the source when creating a reservation - the tax will be automatically added and calculated.
    In example below inclusive tax is added and calculated for the reservation with source 'Walk-In'.

How to recalculate existing future reservations

If you applied a tax for a source which you have reservations in the future, the system will suggest you to recalculate the reservations:

Before selecting YES or NO please read the notes below carefully:

If YES is selected: The tax will be applied based on the current date of the reservation, NOT the status. In other words, the tax is applied only to room rate charges that are pending to be posted in the folio, NOT room rates that are already posted.

For example:

  • The tax will not be applied for all reservations with the check-out date in the past;
  • If the check-out date is today and the tax is not applied, this is because the transactions were already posted;
  • If there are a few days of stay left - tax will be applied to certain dates of stay that have pending room rates in queue.

If NO is selected: The tax won't be applied to future reservations, unless you edit the room rate which is not posted yet in the folio. The system already knows that the tax is now linked to the reservation source, so it is already in a queue, and as soon as the room rate is changed, the applicable tax will appear/change as well.

The system tracks whether a user has decided to recalculate the reservations with new taxes. You may go to 'Activity Log' and filter the list by log 'Applicable Taxes Updated for Source'/'Applicable Fees Updated for Source':

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