Set up Deposit Policies

The deposit configured in the Deposit Policy page will be listed on your booking engine and will be also available when creating direct reservations on your Cloudbeds account.

This article explains how to set up a deposit amount and the different deposit options available in Cloudbeds PMS.

Things to know:

  • The Property Owner has access to Hotel Policies by default. The rest of the users can be given permission to manage the Hotel Policies by the Property Owner. Check this article to learn more: Roles and Permissions
  • If you have Payment Gateway connected to Cloudbeds PMS, set up automatic or scheduled charge of the deposit amount for bookings from your booking engine and certain channels. Learn more in this article: Setting Payment Options for OTAs
  • Use other options in the Policies to define other terms and conditions for which you will accept reservations. These are the terms that will be a legally binding obligation between you and the guest in order to guarantee a room stay at your property.

Access the Deposit Policy page

  1. Click on Account
  2. Settings
  3. Property
  4. Policies
  5. Select Deposit Policy tab

Set up your Deposit Policy

Define what deposit amount do you want to charge your guests. At the moment, it is only possible to apply one type of deposit for all the reservations.

Deposit types can be set by Percentage, Fixed Amount, First Day Price and Do not collect deposit payment. See more details about each type below.

  • The deposit is calculated from room rate only (sub-total). Decide whether taxes and fees will be the part of deposit (available for specific deposit types only).  
  • Add-ons and Items won't be included in the deposit amount.

Determine how much in percentage (%) of the reservation total price is the deposit.

  1. In the Deposit tab, select the Percentage option
  2. Type the required deposit percentage (%), and select if taxes and fees will be specified as part of the deposit
  3. Save

The Include Taxes and Fees toggle is only visible in the Percentage or the First Day Price deposit options. Set up your taxes/fees in the Taxes/Fees section as well as to Apply the Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources, if you have not done so already.

Fixed Amount

Fixed amount option is a set amount for every room type per night/per accommodation.

If the fixed deposit amount will be higher than room rate value (when creating a reservation on the booking engine), the system will put the daily room rate as the deposit

  1. Select the Fixed Amount option.
  2. Type the amount that will be charged per accommodation per night.
  3. Save.
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Policies - Google Chrome
First Day Price

The first-day price deposit option is equivalent to the combined amount of all rooms for the first day's stay. This deposit is restricted to the daily room rate.

  1. Select the First Day Price option.
  2. Select if you will include or not taxes and fees as part of the deposit. See How to include Taxes and Fees in the guest deposit for more information about this feature.
  3. Save.
Do not collect deposit

This method is used for properties that do not collect a deposit to secure reservations. With this option, you still have the ability to capture the guest credit card details in the reservation to keep on file.

  1. In the Deposit tab, select the Do not collect deposit payment at the time of booking option.
  2. Select if you would like to capture the credit card details to keep on file.
  3. Save.
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Policies - Google Chrome

Learn more about other available options to set up your Polices.

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  • how do i change when the deposit is charged.

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