How to change the main application currency in myfrontdesk?


Only a member of the Cloudbeds customer support team can change the application currency. This affects all rates, reservations and whether you match up with your connected channels so we take it very seriously. 

We highly recommend you only change this when first setting up your account. After setup, all previous reservations will be in the original currency.

 Please be informed about risks of this change:

  1. Changing your currency setup on myfrontdesk represents basically changing the currency symbol, meaning, all of your existing reservation values will not change. (Example: previous to currency change = USD$ 20, post-currency change = EUR € 20.)
  2. Your base rates, rate plans, and items will as well have the outdated prices. Please make sure that this is changed to the correct values in the new currency.
  3. If you need to pause sales while this change is undergoing please create Accommodation blocks or Closeouts to avoid any issues with incorrect rates being distributed.

Note: After currency change be sure to change all of your rates to match up with your new currency and also make sure all your connected channels have the correctly matched currency.

If you agree with the risks above and would like to change your currency please submit a ticket to our support team at

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