Connect Airbnb API to Cloudbeds PMS

This article will guide you on how to connect Airbnb API channel to your Cloudbeds PMS.

Things you should know before getting started

  1. Your listing(s) status must be 'Listed' in Airbnb extranet - the sync will not work if the listing is not active/listed on Airbnb.
  2. The Room configurations, currency settings and default property time zone settings must match between Cloudbeds PMS and Airbnb.
  3. Make sure that you're not connected to another Channel Manager - if you are, go to your Airbnb extranet > Account > Privacy & Sharing> Connected Apps > click on Remove Access.
  4. Create any availability block that was previously set in Airbnb calendar directly in Cloudbeds PMS before connecting - any manual blocks you had in Airbnb before connecting will be automatically deleted/overridden as soon as the connection is initiated, turning those dates available.
  • Smart Pricing is not supported when connected to Airbnb via the API connection due to how pricing updates work when using a property management system.
  • Instant Booking will be automatically enabled after connecting. 
  • Note that Airbnb cannot update availability for the following listing types: car, condohotel, dorm, in_law, other, parkingspace, pousada, timeshare, vacation_home, van house. Although Cloudbeds PMS can receive bookings from these listings types, the connection works in a very limited way.

Airbnb API connection guide

Step 1 - Enable / authorize Airbnb API on Cloudbeds PMS
  • Before startting the mapping process, be sure to log in as the Listing Owner on Airbnb extranet. All other users (such as, co-hosts and hosting team) are unable to connect the channel to Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Airbnb does not allow to authorize Cloudbeds channel manager as a connectivity provider until the main host account has the profile photo uploaded.
  • If you have any doubts regarding your user, check this Airbnb article: What is a primary host?
  1. Go to the Distribution page
  2. Open the Discover tab and search for Airbnb API
  3. Click to View Channel
  1. Click to Enable Channel

Authorize Cloudbeds channel manager to manage your Airbnb listings

  1. Login with your Airbnb listing's owner login and password (not the co-host's credentials).

If you see any errors, log out from all the Airbnb accounts in your browser(s) and authorize again.

  1. Agree with the Airbnb Terms and Conditions
  2. Click on Allow to confirm that you authorize Cloudbeds PMS

A message confirming the authorization should pop-up once completed:

Step 2 - Start mapping Airbnb API to Cloudbeds PMS
  1. Map the room types created in Cloudbeds with their corresponding rooms (listings) in Airbnb following the instructions below:

The mapping should be one-to-one, do not link one room type with multiple listings or vice-versa.

The mapping process may differ depending on the room setup that you have on Airbnb (individual listings, room types, dorms).

If you have doubts, check the mapping guide for your scenario below:

  • If you manage multiple properties under the same Cloudbeds login, you will see the warning message below - ignore it and continue to next steps.
  • If you have multiple properties in Cloudbeds PMS and your single Airbnb account is used for all of them, you can also link it to Cloudbeds PMS accounts as long as you have multiple listings to each property to prevent sync issues.

If you receive an error during the mapping steps, check this article: Airbnb API Troubleshooting

If you can't resolve the error, contact our support team.

Step 3 - Set up/edit room settings details

Once you map the rooms, you will be directed to the Room Settings page to edit the listing details or review them.

For more details on each topic presented, check Airbnb API - Room Settings.

  1. Click on Configure next to each room.
  1. Review settings for that listing: Price, taxes, pricing rules and discounts. Click on View/Edit to review them.
  1. Check your Price Settings

If you have the Advanced channel rates feature, here you can also choose which rate plan you have created in cloudbeds that will be updated to the standard rate in Airbnb.

  1. Taxes
  1. Pricing rules & discounts

A successful room setup will be displayed in Room Mapping page as Setup Completed:

Step 4 - Base rate adjustment

If needed, add a base rate adjustment in percentage or fixed amount on this page.

For more information on how the Base Rate Adjustment works, check this article: Base Rate Adjustment or How to Send Different Rates to Channels

The mapping is complete.

You may return to the mapping page any time to edit the room mapping, room settings or add base rates adjustment.

In the Room Settings page, check if your listings are well mapped or if they present errors/missing settings:

Things to note after the connection is complete

  1. Double-check the accuracy of rates and availability sent to Airbnb by checking your Airbnb listing calendar and simulating a reservation as a guest.
  2. Add the taxes/fees or commission, if applicable, to Reservation Sources: Airbnb API on Cloudbeds PMS.
  3. Disable the Airbnb iCal connection (if the iCal was previously connected) to avoid conflicting updates to your Airbnb account.
  4. You must re-import all the reservations you had previously in the ical format.   
  5. Once the connection is completed, Hosts will not be able to perform any changes such as rates, availability and restrictions on Airbnb extranet — these options are greyed out (blocked).
  6. The Co-Host, however, can still technically perform the changes as those options are not blocked for them but they should never do so - modifying rates, availability and restrictions directly on the extranet might cause serious issues such as price and availability discrepancies or even overbookings.
  7. If you use Whistle for Cloudbeds, be sure to enable the messaging permission following this guide.
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