Base Rate Adjustment or How to Send Different Rates to Channels


When connecting your channels, you have the ability to set Channel-Specific Rate Differences for each channel.  For example, if you want one channel to have a 5% rate discount compared to other channels, you would enter - 5% for each room. The same applies for higher rates.

The Rate Differences can be set in a Percentage Amount or a Fixed Currency Amount.

Setting Base Rate Adjustments

1. In myfrontdesk go to Manage

2. Open 'Channels'

3. Click on the channel (should be already setup)

4. Click NEXT until you're on the page 'Base Rate Adjustment':

5. Select the percentage or fixed amount

6. Enter the value (eg. 15.00)

7. Hit NEXT to confirm

Currently, we support 3 digits to the right of the decimal point

NOTE:  If you need to manage rates considering the taxes - please consult this article:  

Applying Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources

8. Perform Full Refresh to send the updated rates

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