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How to send different rates to channels using Base Rate Adjustment


Base Rate Adjustment functionality allows you to set rate differences for the distribution channel (OTA) connected to myfrontdesk.

This rate difference is channel-specific. For example, you can have 5% discount from your base rate (standard rate) only for and not the other OTAs,  you would configure (-) 5 % for every room type in Base Rate Adjustment section in channel mapping.

The rate differences can be set in a Percentage Amount (e.g +10 %, -10%) or a Fixed Amount in the property's currency (e.g +20 USD,-20 USD).

Base Rate Adjustments Settings

  1. Click the Manage (gear icon)
  2. Open Channels
  3. Click on the channel's status (should already be ENABLED).
  1. Next to the Base Rate Adjustment, click VIEW / EDIT:
  1. To adjust all the room types at once, click on ADJUST ALL, add the adjustment, format (Percentage or fixed amount) and click APPLY.
  2. To enter the adjustment individually for each room type, enter the amount in the Base Rate Adjustment field and then select if the amount is in percentage or fixed amount.
  3. Click NEXT STEP to proceed to the next page.
  1. Verify your Currency Setting and click CONTINUE to save all the changes
  1. Click FULL REFRESH to send the updated rates to the channel
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