How to Log In to Cloudbeds PMS

This article explains how to access your Cloudbeds PMS account. If you forgot your password and can't login, you can reset the password by following the instructions from this article: I can't access my account, how do I reset my password?

Occasionally, when attempting to log in to Cloudbeds via Google search, you might be redirected to the Ambassador page instead. Bookmark the Cloudbeds login page in your browser to ensure seamless access.

  1. Access Cloudbeds website
  2. Click on Login
  3. Enter your Cloudbeds account email and password
  4. Login
Cloudbeds - Google Chrome

If your account doesn't have a valid multi-factor authentication by Okta, you will need to follow these instructions: Okta - How to use it to log in to Cloudbeds PMS

If your account has a valid multi-factor authentication setup, you will be requested to verify your login attempt with your confirmed setup:

  1. Send Push
  2. You can also select to enter a code
  3. Check Send Push automatically if you'd prefer to receive it automatically next time you log in
Myfrontdesk OKTA MFA migration Release Notes - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  1. If Send Push was selected: open Okta app on your phone and respond to the push notification by clicking "Yes, Its Me".
Mariia Korostashevych - Cloudbeds - Slack - Google Chrome
  1. If "enter a code" was selected: open Okta app on your phone and enter the code you see in the app:
Mariia Korostashevych - Cloudbeds - Slack - Google Chrome
  1. Now you have accessed your system.

Check this article to learn about Alternative MFA Methods - How to Set up

Account access locked due to too many invalid attempts

Please note that the user will be locked out of the system after six (6) failed password attempts. Users will have to wait 30 minutes before they are able to log in to the system. This will only affect the specific user. All other users will still have access.

For security reasons, there is no way to reset this waiting time of 30 minutes. Once you have been locked out, Cloudbeds sends an email to the user to notify them that their account has been locked out due to numerous failed login attempts.

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