Association users and Permissions


To access more than one property with the same user account, an Association is exactly what you need.
The Association offers different options and features that will be described below.

Please note, if as an Association Owner you need to add more users and create them as Association admins they will have full access to all functionalities in the system, within all of your properties, as far as there is no permission settings within the Association level. Please, refer to Frequently Asked Questions section in the end of this article for a suggested workaround.

If you are interested in the Association option for your several myfrontdesk accounts - please contact your Cloudbeds Market Manager or contact our support team at

Association Overview

If several properties are added to one group - they become an Association. 

All Association users can switch between myfrontdesk accounts within a group as shown in the example below (by clicking the hotel icon in one of the myfrontdesk accounts).

The Association has a unique URL which redirects to the manage section as shown in the example below:

  1. Properties: there is a list of myfrontdesk accounts added to the Association.
  2. Users: the page where you can add Association admins.
  3. Reports: page containing different types of production, tax and other reports for the Association.
  4. Activity Log: shows the activity of all Association users/owner.
  5. Email Delivery Log.

Users and Roles in Association

When we discuss Associations, it's very important to understand its roles.
There are 3 main roles:

 Property Owner
  • Can't switch between different properties
  • Shows up in the property's user list
  • Property Owner can't be disabled
  • By default is granted permission to view credit card details and has access to Credit Card Security page to grant credit card viewing permissions to other users

The property owner can't switch from property to property via the Association icon. The property owner has to log in as an Association user.

Association Owner

The first user registered in the system to the Association will be assigned as the Association Owner.

  • Can switch between different properties
  • Shows up in the property's user list
  • Has the permission to create other Association Admin users
  • Needs to request the permission to view credit card details to the Property Owner user

The user registered as an Association Owner can only be modified by our support team. If you need to change the Association Owner, please reach out to us at

 Association Admin

Please note that currently - except for the Association Owner - all users are created with Association admin rights, so all existing and newly created users have admin permissions.
In future releases, we are planning to add abilities to specify which type of Association user is being created (admin or regular).

  • Can switch between different accounts
  • Shows up in property's users list but can't be disabled from there
  • Has maximum permissions except for Credit Card Security page access.
  • Should be granted permission to view credit card details by the Property Owner
  • Can not add Association admins
  • Can not edit own status, but can edit own First / last name / email
  • Can not edit any info for other Association Admins

The Association admins will see the switch icon in the associated accounts

How to edit Association user details

Remember that you can not edit any information for other Association Admins - You can only see the "edit" button for your own user.

  1. Go to 'Users' tab
  2. Click on the pencil icon
  1. Edit the desired information
  2. Click 'Save'
How to change an Association admins email address

The Association Owner is able to edit Association admins by following the instructions below:

As an Association admin you can only edit your own email address.

  1. Association page
  2. Settings
  3. Click on 'Edit User Email'
Viewing Credit Card Details for Association users
  1. Property Owner can set his/her own credit card viewing password and grant permission to set credit card password for Association Admins/Owner.
  2. Association Owner and Association Admins should be granted permission to view credit card details by a property owner of each account within the Association. 
System Notification Preferences for Association Admins

On the System Notification Preferences page in myfrontdesk, you can configure who (which email address) will receive certain system emails.

Association Admins will also be on the staff list so their email preferences will be customizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to upgrade a property user to an Association admin?

No, each unique email address can only be used to create 1 myfrontdesk/Association admin. However, if the user uses an email address from the following free providers:

  • Google (includes corporate addresses)
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook

They can add an extension to their email by adding a "+ (number)" to the username.

Example: >>

Our system will recognize '' as a new email address and will allow you to create the Association user. Any email that is sent to the address that contains the extension, will be received by the original email address.

This workaround is not possible for email addresses from the following providers:

  • Microsoft Office365
  • Yahoo
Is it possible to deactivate an Association Admin?

Only the Association Owner is able to deactivate an Association admin by following the steps below:

  1. Open the 'Users' tab
  2. Click on the 'Edit' icon on the right side of the user to be deactivated
  1. Click on the 'Active' toggle button to 'Inactive'
  2. Save.

The user registered as an Association Owner can only be modified by our support team. If you need to change the Association Owner, please reach out to us at

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