Invoicing - How to email the invoice?


The invoice is a document issued to the guest outlining all the transactions associated with a reservation, including room rates, payments, adjustments, and additional products sold.

Check below how you can email an invoice to your guests from within the reservation.

Getting Started

In order to email an invoice, please check what you should do before emailing the invoice(s) to your guest(s):

  1. Setup Invoicing
  2. Generate an Invoice

Email Invoice From within Reservation

This option allows you to send multiple invoices to multiple recipients.

The system will take the recipient email from the guest details - If you need to send the invoice to a different email/recipient, please access the Guest Details tab to change the recipient email address

At the moment, the Invoice Template will always be sent in English, regardless of the country chosen in the reservation. As a workaround, in order to send the Invoice message in other languages, you can download the invoice, and send the message manually (using a customized text) and attach the invoice to it.

Access the desired reservation and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Actions drop-down menu
  2. Select Email Invoice
    • If the reservation has no invoices, this option will be hidden and you will only see the Generate new Invoice option available
  1. Select the invoice(s)
    • if you only have one invoice created for the reservation, the system will grayed out this option
  2. Select recipient(s)
    • by default, the primary guest will be selected
    • if you only have one guest on the reservation, the system will grayed out this option
  3. Click on +ADD INVOICE AND RECIPIENT to send multiple invoices to different recipients
    • Applicable when you have more than one guest/invoice
  4. Click on Email Invoice to submit the invoice(s)
  • Each selected invoice will be sent in a separate email
  • At the moment, it is not possible to add the recipient's email manually - We are planning to add this option in the near future
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You can review the invoices sent on the Email Delivery Log.

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