Create an invoice for each guest

With Advanced Invoicing, you can create separate invoices for each guest in the reservation. The invoice will display the guest name to whom it will be billed. Follow the step-by-step here: How to generate an invoice using Advanced Invoicing.

If you are using previous version of Invoicing, creating an invoice for each guest will always display the primary guest at the top of the invoice, but the details of the transactions will have the respective guest name assigned to them.  

This article explains how to generate an invoice for each guest using the previous version of Invoicing and shows a workaround to change the Guest Name on the invoice.

You must have Split Folio enabled on your account.

Step 1. Create separate folios for each guest
  1. In reservation go to Folio
  2. If you need to change the existing folio for the first guest - click the pencil icon
  3. To add folio for the second guest click Add folio
  1. Enter folio name
  2. Select transaction types which should be posted to this folio (all transaction types will be moved to the folios specified within that configuration. If all transaction types are not selected underneath a particular folio, then all the transaction types that are not selected should always post to the first folio).
  3. Click SAVE
  • Each transaction type can only be selected once in each folio.
  • This does not mean that a transaction posted manually cannot be posted to a folio where that transaction type is not selected.
  1. If needed, you may move transactions between folios created by clicking Move Transactions
Step 2. Generate invoice based on each folio
  1. Inside the reservation click Actions and select Generate new invoice
  2. Select the folio(s) for which you want to generate invoice
  3. Issue Invoice

Click on Select All to add all items to one invoice. Then the system will generate one invoice with all the transactions from both folios "Guest 1" and "Guest 2"

  1. The invoice will be generated with all transactions added to "Guest 1 folio", and invoice will appear under Documents tab.
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Reservations - Google Chrome
  1. You can generate the separate invoice for the second guest by replicating the same steps as above.

Selecting several folios does NOT mean several invoices will be generated, it means that transactions from selected folios will be added to one invoice.

In example below selecting "Guest 1 folio" will generate one invoice showing only transactions from "Guest 1 folio".

How to change the Guest Name in the invoice

The Guest Name at the top of the invoice will always reflect the guest's name which the reservation was created for (primary guest). When creating another invoice and assigning a transaction to a second guest, the guest name will be tied to that transaction and will be reflected accordingly in the invoice.

This is an expected system behavior, follow one of the workarounds below to change the Guest Name:

Change the primary guest name of the reservation temporarily
  1. Go to Guest Details
  2. The primary guest will be selected
  3. Click Edit Details
  4. Change the First and Last Name to the second guest's name
  5. Click Save
  1. Generate the invoice for the second guest. Follow Step 2. Generate invoice based on each folio
  2. If necessary, you can change the primary guest back to the original name following the same steps above (1-5).
Convert the invoice from PDF to Doc and manually editing the Guest Name

You can download the invoice to your computer and convert it from PDF to Doc using a PDF - Doc converter App you can find online. Once the file is converted you will be able to edit the name manually in the Doc.

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