Void invoice and issue a credit note

This article explains how to void an invoice and create a credit note using Advanced Invoicing feature. It also shows you how to set the invoice status to open or paid to help you keep track of the guest's invoices.

Void an invoice and issue a Credit Note

You can void or cancel an invoice if an error had been made. Voiding an existing invoice will issue a Credit Note against the whole invoice. This function will release all transactions included within that invoice and make them available for invoicing again.

Once the invoice is voided, you cannot change its status anymore.

Follow steps to void and issue a credit note:

  1. Access the reservation and go to Documents
  2. Find the invoice to void and click the three dots menu
  3. Select Void and issue Credit Note

A credit note window will open and you will see a warning with the invoice number. Make sure you are voiding the correct invoice because this action cannot be undone.

  1. This is the guest name of the selected Guest of the invoice (when generated)
    • The Bill to person or company remains the same as on the invoice you are voiding
  2. Select the guest's email address to send the credit note (optional)

If you choose to send an email to your guest, they will receive a notification and the credit note via email. The message in the notification can be managed from the Email Templates page.

  1. Enter the Credit Reason
    • The Credit Reason is a required field if your property is located in one the following countries (utilizing property address): Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom

In the table you will find all items part of the invoice to be credited. The list of items cannot be edited.

  1. Preview Credit Note to double-check the information in the credit note
  2. Click Issue Credit Note
How to change invoice status to Paid

Once you verified the guest's charges and payments on the folio, mark the invoice as Paid or Open as shown below:

  1. Go to Documents
  2. Click Invoices
  3. Next to the invoice, click the three dots menu
  4. Click Change to Paid

You can change the invoice status to Paid or Open as many time as you wish. This function is for internal information only. The status will not be reflected on the actual invoice.

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