Generate and download invoices

The invoice is a document issued to the guest outlining all the transactions associated with a reservation. This article shows the step-by-step to generate and download the guest's invoice.

To learn how to set up your invoicing preferences, visit this article: Invoicing - How to set up

User's permission to view invoices

Taking into account PII (Personal Identifiable Information), only the users with PII view permission will be allowed to view invoices.

You can find further details about Cloudbeds PMS roles on the following article: Roles and Permissions

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If the permissions to view PII is disabled, the user:

  • Will be able to generate the invoices and email the invoice to the guest
  • Will not be allowed to open the invoice and see the details. If they try, the following warning will be displayed
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Before generating the invoice, check:

If you have multiple guests in one reservation

If you are using previous version of Invoicing, creating an invoice for each guest will always display the primary guest at the top of the invoice, but the details of the transactions will have the respective guest name assigned to them. Learn more: Can I create an Invoice for each guest?

With Advanced Invoicing, you can create separate invoices for each guest in the reservation. The invoice will always display the guest name to whom it will be billed. You must make sure the guest name is tied to the correct room or transaction (charge/payment). Follow steps below:

  1. Under the Accommodations tab, verify if the rooms are assigned under the correct guest's name.
  1. When adding an item or payment to the folio, assign it to the correct guest.
If the invoice should be billed to a company

Enter the Company Name and Company Tax ID Number under the guest's details inside the reservation. These details will be displayed on the invoice.

  1. Go to Guest Details.
  2. Select the guest.
  3. Click Edit Details.
  4. Add the Company Name and Company Tax ID (if applicable).
  5. Click Save.

Follow steps to generate the invoice:

  1. Access the desired reservation.
  2. Click on Actions menu.
  3. Select Generate New Invoice.

Depending on the version of your Invoicing feature, one of these windows will open.

If you're seeing this modal, you are using the Advanced Invoicing, continue to section: How to generate an invoice using Advanced Invoicing

Otherwise, continue with the steps below:

  1. Select the items to be billed
  2. Click Issue Invoice.

How to generate an invoice using Advanced Invoicing

With Advanced Invoicing, all transactions can only be invoiced once - this is to prevent any duplicated invoices.

If there isn't any transaction left to be invoiced, the following error message will be displayed. To re-issue an invoice, check out: Advanced Invoicing - How to void an invoice and issue a credit note

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  1. Select the guest you would like to invoice. If company details have been stored within the guest profile, the invoice will be issued to the company instead of the guest. Check how to add company details to guest profile: If the invoice should be billed to a company
  2. Select one or more guests to receive the invoice you are now creating (optional).
  3. Paid status button - if enabled, the invoice status will be set to Paid, if disabled, the status will be Open.

This button is for your internal tracking purposes only - you will need to verify the folio manually to check if it has been paid or not.

  1. Select the items to be billed, you can select all or only specific items belong to specific guests.

Items that were already invoiced will not be displayed in the list. If you accidentally invoiced a wrong item, you must void the invoice and create a Credit Note. This will release all transactions included within the invoice. Learn more: Advanced Invoicing - How to void an invoice and issue a credit note

  1. Preview the invoice before generating it to spot or correct any errors before the document is issued.
  2. Click Issue Invoice.

If you have Multi-Currency enabled for your account, you can display totals in foreign currencies and the exchange rate in your invoices. Check out: Multi-Currency - How to configure foreign currencies to display in invoices

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