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Cloudbeds now partners with Google to distribute your inventory on Google Hotel Search and redirect guests to your Cloudbeds Booking Engine.

If you have questions about this integration, please check the most frequently asked questions below and if you cannot find your answer, reach out to our Support Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Hotel Search is enabled but my prices are not showing on Google search view - why?

Your prices will not be shown on the Google search view if there is no Ad being run on Google. There must be at least one business (an OTA or your property) running an Ad of your hotel on Google.

The prices & the booking engine link will still appear in what Google calls "the immersive view", which can be accessed by visiting this site

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How do I know if my property has been included in this service?

As of March 16th, the activation will occur weekly. Keep an eye out for an in-app announcement on your Cloudbeds account to see if your account has been activated.

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You can also check the following notification on your Distribution page:

  1. Access the Channels tab in Distribution section
  2. If your property has been included, you will see the following notification:
I do not have Cloudbeds Booking Engine. Can I promote my property at Google?

No - only properties with Cloudbeds Booking Engine will be eligible to be included in Google Hotel Search services.

If you use a different booking engine and want leverage Google, your booking engine provider needs to build their own integration - In such cases, please reach out to your booking engine provider directly.

If you are interested in Cloudbeds Booking Engine, reach out to our support team and they will forward your request to one of our Market Managers.

What is the difference between Google Ads, Free Booking Links, Google My Business, Google Hotel Ads?

For a better understanding, check the following details:

  1. Free Booking Links - A free listing in Google Hotel Search that displays a link to your Cloudbeds booking engine with an official site badge that shows bookable rates on the prices page for your property. They lead to direct reservations and appear underneath any 'Google Hotel Ads' being run. They are listed under All options
  2. Google My Business - is a free tool that allows you to promote your property on Google Search. You can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your business profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google
  3. Google Hotel Ads - Prominently displays your official website on Google Hotel Search with bookable rates. They lead to direct reservations and appear along with any other 'Google Hotel Ads' being run.
    Display in a property’s Google My Business profile, and appear in Google hotel finder results. When a user clicks on a Google Hotel Ad, they are redirected directly into the property's booking engine to complete the booking.
  4. Google Ads - Google Ads are ‘keyword ads’ - A paid product that you can use to promote your business, help sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase traffic to your website. The results contain an Ad box.
    This program used to be called Google AdWords is where you bid on a keyword, create an advertisement with ad copy and people click on it to go to your website.
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Does Cloudbeds PMS connect with Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads is a metasearch tool that compares the property prices available on different OTAs and properties' direct websites.

The main goal of this feature is to increase direct bookings and online visibility in the search engine results.

Cloudbeds PMS is integrated to Google Hotel Search providing Availability, Rates and Inventory to Google. This makes it possible to run Google Hotel Ads, which is offered through our Cloudbeds Amplify digital marketing solution.

Google Hotel Ads is only available to Cloudbeds customers through Cloudbeds Amplify only at this time. Google Hotel Search (Free Booking Links) is available to all of our properties that qualify. Click here for more information.

Explore Cloudbeds Amplify:

I have Ads Hotel enabled, do I need to switch to Google Hotel Search?

No - All eligible properties will be included in Google Hotel Search service and this allows properties to benefit from the organic listing Google search results. Since Ads Hotel allows you to connect with other platforms too, you can keep both and do not need to switch to Google Hotel Search.

We are working on better solutions for properties promotion on Google Hotels Ads in the future.

How can I temporarily close my property on Google?

In order to temporarily close your property on Google, you need to mark your property at your Google My Business profile as "temporarily closed".

Cloudbeds updates Google with blocked inventory, but also, you will not be able to promote your property at Google.

How to disable my Google Hotel Search connection

If you want to disable your Google Hotel Search connection, send an email to our support team and one of our Customer Coaches will confirm once complete.

Why is my connection showing as 'Pending Approval from Channel?'

In the channels list, you may encounter the following message

This means that Google is not able to match your property.

Some solutions to fix this are:

Fixing Data Issues:

  • Phone number is too short
  • Missing physical address
  • Invalid Phone Number
  • Missing Street Number
  • Inconsistent latitude/longitude
  • Invalid Postal Code
What rates are shown on the Google Hotel Search Calendar?

Google compares prices between direct bookings and channels (OTAs) and show the cheapest price on the following Google calendar.

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When the guest is redirected to your Cloudbeds Booking Engine, they will see all available rooms, base rates and rate plans* for the selected date range.

The booking link will redirect not only to a specific rate plan or room type, but also to the guests section to indicate the number of adults and children (if applicable)

Rate Plans will only be sent to Google Hotel Search if Advanced Channel Rates feature is enabled. Reach out to our Support Team for more information about this feature on each available package.

Google Hotel Search was connected (enabled) before, why is the channel mapping showing 'Pending Approval from Channel'?

Whenever Google Hotel Search mapping switches to Pending approval from Channel status — it could mean that the Amount Allotted for Sale was changed, and Google is trying to update the feed list. After Google Hotel Search is done with it, the status on the mapping should change to Enabled again.

Is it possible to connect two properties that belong to the same owner to Google Hotel Search? Are there any restrictions?

Properties that belong to the same owner, have similar names and are in close vicinity to one another, cannot be connected to Google Hotel Search. This is a restriction coming from the Google Hotel Search. For the two properties to be connected to Google Hotel Search, they should be at least 1.5 miles apart from each other.

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