Add reservation credit card details

The credit cards tab within the Reservation Details allows users to add and manage the guest's credit cards. This article explains how to add guest's credit card details to their reservation manually, or by using Cloudbeds Terminal.

Things to note:

Step 1 - Access the Credit Cards tab

Option 1 - Via the Reservations page
  1. Go to Reservations and look for the corresponding reservation which credit card(s) will be added
  2. Click on the Credit Cards tab
Option 2 - Search for the reservation

Look for the reservation in the navigation bar your Top Menu, and go to the referred Credit Cards tab.

Step 2 - Add credit card information

Option 1 - Add credit card details manually
  1. Click on +Add Card
  2. Add the card details
  3. Click to Save
Option 2 - Add credit card details with Cloudbeds Payments terminal

If you are using Cloudbeds Payments as your payment processor, you are able to add the credit card data to a reservation using the terminal.

  1. Click on Add with terminal
  2. The system will prompt the current terminal connected. On this step you can:
  • Use the current terminal connected - the terminal name will be described on the following screen - go ahead and continue to step 5.
  • Choose another terminal - if you have more than one terminal, click Choose Another
  • Cancel - cancel this action
  1. On your terminal you will see a new screen. Insert or swipe the guest's card
  1. The credit card details will be saved under the Credit Cards tab > Details.
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