How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway


Payment processing enabled in Myfrontdesk automates payment transactions between you and the guest. It allows you to process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure Internet connections. This article will show how to charge the guest's credit card through one of the supported payment gateways.

Processing the payments through Myfrontdesk is only available for those customers who have Payment Processing enabled and correctly connected.
Check this article to learn more about Payment Processing functionality or go to this article to learn how to add payment to a reservation as a record without processing it.

Option 1. Processing payment by clicking 'Add Payment'

1. Go to Reservation and click on 'Folio'
2. Open a folio you want to add payment to (if you have several)
*You can select another folio in steps later
3. Click 'Add Payment/Refund' and select 'Add Payment'

In a new window:
4. Select which guest you want to assign the payment to
5. Select which folio the payment should be added to
6. Enter the amount of payment (by default, it will be the balance due, but you may edit the amount.)
7. Select the Payment Type > Credit Card 

  • You may select either 'credit card x(last 4 digit numbers of the card)' if the card details are already entered on the 'Credit Card' tab
  • or just select 'Credit Card' and then enter its details from the beginning (step 9)
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8. Select how to process the payment

  • Charge: processes the payment from guest's card through the payment gateway immediately
  • Pre-authorize: holds an amount on the guest's card, which can be charged later on 'Credit Card' tab
  • Record previous payment (don't charge): adds a record of payment to folio and won't process any payment through the gateway. Useful if the payment has already been processed through an external system
    • Post with current date and time - When this box is checked the current date and time will be posted for the transaction when you click "Continue" button. You can uncheck if you are adding a transaction for the past.
    • Enter and store credit card details - Check the box if you are charging a card with details not already in the system.

9. Input the card information
10. Input notes
11. Click 'Continue'

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Please Note:

- the date of processed payment can only be the current date and can't be set to the past or future even if Post with current date and time option is off (this option puts a date of transaction = today, but disabling it doesn't mean you can process payment for a future or past date)

- This functionality does not work with cash payment

You can allocate the payment to specific revenue item if you have this functionality enabled.

Learn more about payment allocation in our Knowledge Base: Payment Allocation

The payment processed will appear in Folio, its 'Type' will show that the payment was added: "Using gateway connection". Next to it, you can see the gear icon with an option to refund the payment through gateway:

To learn more about how the refund works in our system, please visit this article

Option 2. Processing payment from 'Credit Cards' tab

1. Go to Reservation and click on 'Credit Cards'
2. Click '+Add Card'

If you have already entered the card details, or if the reservation has been imported with credit card details, just select the credit card needed and proceed to step 4:

3. Enter the credit card details and Save it
-Mark card as active to be able to process it
-Select a type of credit card
-Enter cardholder name
-Enter card number
-Select Expiration Date
-Enter CVV if needed

4. Click on the card on the left, then click blue Authorize button.

Enter the amount to authorize (hold) on the guest's card.  

Now you can
5. Authorize another amount
6. Capture the total authorized amount
7. Void the authorization

In order to add payment (charge guest's credit card) - select 'Capture'
In the new window, you'll be able to enter the amount to be charged (by default it will be authorized amount)

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