Reservation credit cards - Everything you need to know

Guest credit card details can be securely stored within Cloudbeds PMS. Users with appropriate permissions are able to access this information, while others must be granted access in order to view it.

This article contains all information you need to know about the the requirements to view the guests' credit card details and manage credit card viewing permissions in Cloudbeds PMS.

Important highlights

  • As a security measure, Cloudbeds implemented a system which protects credit card data from being viewed by third-parties.
  • Property Owner has permission to view credit card details by default, they only need to set up the credit card viewing password.
  • Any other user must be granted permission to view credit card detail by the Property Owner and set up a special credit card viewing password.
  • To add more security layer, credit card viewing password expires automatically after 90 days and the user is required to set up a new password.
  • Whenever necessary a Property Owner can remove the credit card viewing privilege from the users.

The Security page

The Security page is where the property owner can grant access to the property staff/users, and manage passwords for viewing credit card details in Cloudbeds PMS.

Learn more about the Security page

Manage credit card viewing password

Grant access to your property staff to view credit card details, see how to set up the credit card viewing password, and learn about how to reset it or disable the credit card viewing privileges.

Learn more in the links below:

Credit card viewing actions Brief description
Grant and set up credit card viewing password
Learn how to grant and set up the password to view reservation credit card details for the property staff/other users within Cloudbeds PMS.
Reset or disable credit card viewing password
This guide includes the necessary steps to reset an expired credit card viewing password and how to disable credit card viewing password privileges.

Edit, deactivate or delete reservation credit card details

Edit reservation credit cards
  • To edit reservation credit card details, users must have the access granted by the property owner.
  • The Edit Credit Card button will only be available after the credit card details have been displayed.
  • The Edit and Delete Credit Card button will only be available if there are no payments (posted or pending), voids, refunds or authorizations (posted or pending) associated with the credit card.
  • If you are using Cloudbeds Payments or Stripe, you cannot edit the credit card details, you can only delete the existing card and add a new card.
  1. Open the corresponding reservation which credit card details will be edited, and click on the Credit Cards tab. If reservation has several cards added, select the card you wish to edit.
  2. Click on Show Card Details
  3. Add the credit card viewing password
  4. The credit card editing options will appear (hide details, edit credit card, delete credit card). Click on Edit Credit Card
  5. Edit the required details
  6. Click Update
Deactivate or delete reservation credit cards

Deactivate credit cards

  1. To deactivate a credit card on file, click on the details toggle
  2. Deactivated credit cards will appear at the bottom of the list and will have a strike-through. Even if new cards are added, the deactivated card will always be at the bottom of the list. You can always activate it again, if needed

Delete credit cards

To delete a reservation credit card on file, simply click on the Delete Credit Card button.

Frequently asked questions

Why can't I see the full credit card details?

Per PCI Standards (Payment Card Industry Standards) viewing full credit card data can pose a liability to your business in the event that the card details were exposed to an outside source.

Some Payment Processors store the credit card data and do not allow anyone to view full details of the card, this is for the card holder's and your business' financial safety.

Credit Card Password Expiration

For security purposes, each individual's credit card password will expire:

  • Automatically after 90 days.
  • Each time property owner forces a password reset.

To ensure smooth operation, we will send the following warnings to each user's email account prior to expiration as follows:

  • 7 Days prior to expiration.
  • 1 day prior to expiration.
  • Upon expiration.
  • Make sure to reset your credit card viewing password as soon as you receive the email to avoid any disruption in your daily activities.
  • All users that have the privilege to access credit card information will have the Reset Credit Card Viewing Passcode button on My Profile. Learn more here.
How long is credit card data stored?

For Cloudbeds Payments:

Cloudbeds Payments stores credit card information in the safest and securest measure, by credit card tokenization. Tokenized card information will be stored in our vault for 2 years. Credit card information (token) is stored in the guest's reservation for 30 days (if the status is confirmed, cancelled or no-show) or for 14 days once the status is changed to checked out.

Refunds can be processed seamlessly within 30 days period.

What is credit card tokenization?

Credit card tokenization is the process of completely removing sensitive data from a company's internal network by replacing it with a randomly generated, unique placeholder called token. For instance, if a card number was 1234 5678 8765 4321, it would end up looking something like E67TY8GQ27X.

Other gateways:

  • For confirmed reservations: the system will remove credit card details 14 days after the check-out date.
  • For cancelled/no-show reservations: the system will remove credit card details 30 days after the cancellation/no-show date.
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