Cloudbeds Booking Engine - How to Sell Rooms with Rate Plans and Packages only

This article will show you how to display your promotional Rate Plans and Packages (instead of the Base Rates) on your Booking Engine.

Things to note:

  • The steps below will be available only if Cloudbeds PMS is the main source of your rates and availability. If you don't have Cloudbeds PMS included on your package, the steps below will not work. Reach out to our Support Team if you would like to upgrade your plan.
  • If the Amount Allotted For Sale exceeds the Remaining Inventory (overbooking feature enabled in the availability matrix), then above steps will not work and the Standard Rate (Base Rate) will be displayed.

Show Rate Plans and Packages only on the Booking Engine

Step 1 - Edit your Rate Plans and Packages
  1. Click the Rates and Availability tab
  2. Select Rate Plans & Packages
  3. Click to edit the desired package

Refer to this article to for a step-by-step guide on how to create your Rate Plans & Packages.

  1. Make sure that your rate plan is available for Website/Booking Engine source:
  1. Under the Availability section, click on the pencil icon for the rate plan to edit.
  2. Confirm the intervals of the rate plan/package include all rooms you wish to sell at a special rate
  1. Un-check the All option, specify the number of rooms and the price for each room type.
  2. Save Interval
  3. Save all changes
  • With the ALL option unchecked: Type the number of rooms you would like to assign to this package. Only the specified number of rooms will be sold using this promotion. The remaining accommodations will not be displayed and the only way these remaining accommodations can be sold is by manually adding a reservation in the system.  
  • Apply to all accommodations: This will automatically list the salable quantity as the maximum number of accommodations for each room type. This is the recommended option unless you would like to set accommodations aside for walk-ins. 
Step 2 - Access the Booking Engine Settings
  1. Go to Booking Engine Settings
  2. Under Allotment, set the Quantity to Sell as zero (0) for the desired rooms you want to sell with the special rates only. By doing this, your Base Rate will not be displayed on your Booking Engine
  1. Make sure the option Limit number of accommodations of the same type that guests can book on a single reservation is unchecked
  2. Click Save to apply changes

When making a reservation on the Booking Engine, the applicable room(s) will be shown only with the Rate Plan prices (Base Rates will not be displayed)

Google Hotel Search Limitations

The connection with Google Hotel Search will stop working if you:

  • Set the Booking Engine allotment for Google Hotel Search lower than it is for other channels
  • Or if the Booking Engine rooms' allotment is set to 0

In both cases, you will receive the following warning:

Slack | kb_macro_requests | Cloudbeds - Google Chrome

If you click Confirm, no updates will be sent to Google and the channel will be disconnected. Set the Booking Engine Allotment higher than Channel Distribution Allotment, so Google Hotel Search works properly.

Important note: These limitations only affect Base Rates (not Rate Plans) and only if the Base Rate is unmapped.

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