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Dashboard - Everything you Need to Know


Dashboard makes operation easier by allowing the user to have a quick summary of the current day, including an overview of the number of arrivals/departures, occupancy for the next 14 days, and the total number of rooms available or the number of room available by room type.


Once you log into your Cloudbeds account, the Dashboard is the first screen you are automatically taken to. On this screen you are able to see:

  1. Today's date
  2. Number of arrivals
  3. Number of departures
  4. Number of rooms occupied and the percentage
  5. Print Dashboard
  6. Refresh button to update the whole page
  7. Create New Reservation button
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Reservations Section

  1. Arrivals: Shows all arrivals for today and tomorrow. The system displays the guest name, confirmation number, the room assigned, and the reservation status. Here you can:
    • Search: Filter the list of the reservations by guest name
    • Check-in the guest: If you haven't assigned a room yet, the system will display a pop-up window for you to assign the room before checking in the guest.
    • Print: The print button allows you to  print the Confirmation, Guest Folio or Registration Card in the desired language (currently only English, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai are available).
  1. Departures: Shows you all departures for today and tomorrow. The system displays the guest name, confirmation number, the room assigned, the reservation status and the remaining balance if any.

    You can check-out your guest from here. The system will remind you if there is a balance remaining the system will remind you and ask you to confirm the check out.
  1. Stayovers: Shows your in-house guests and arrivals for today and tomorrow.
  2. In-House Guests: Lists all reservations and the number of adults/children that are currently staying at the property.
  3. Pending Payment: If you have Cloudbeds Payments or Stripe enabled as your payment processing and collect payments upfront, you can see a list all the reservations that have an incomplete payment (credit card only).

    The system displays the guest's name, confirmation number, check-in date, and the amount of pending payment. Clicking the guest's name will redirect you to the reservation.

If your default method for taking payments from booking engine and OTAs is 'Do Nothing, I'll process payments at a later time', you'll not get Pending Payments results.

  1. Refresh: Click to update the list
  2. Print: By clicking on this icon you are able to print a list of today's reservations.
  3. Registration Cards: This feature is available for Cloudbeds Plus plan or higher. Click on this button to print all registration cards at once instead of printing one by one.

Anytime that you see a dash and a number behind the confirmation number, it means that this guest has booked multiple accommodations under one reservation.

Today's Activity

This section shows you 3 different tabs:

  1. Sales: All reservations added today even if the check-in date is for the future. It will  list each guest reservation, the revenue that it's bringing in, their arrival date and the number of nights that they are staying at the property
  2. Cancellations: Any cancellations that happened today (even if the reservation is for a future date)
  3. Overbookings: If you have an overbooking, you can access the details here. By clicking on the hyperlink, the system will direct you to the calendar. Our goal here is to keep it zero.

The revenue under this section shows you the sum of the room rate only. It doesn't take in consideration any taxes or fees associated with your property

14-Day Outlook

Scroll down your screen to see the 14-Day Outlook screen. You can access the following information:

  1. Occupancy (%) of the selected period
    To understand how this calculation works, refer to the section Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Revenue ($) on the selected period
    This is calculated by the sum of room rates. It doesn't take into consideration any taxes or fees associated with your property
  3. Period (14-days) - You can select a different period, but no matter where you click on the calendar, it is pre-set to give you a 14-day outlook
  4. Total number of rooms available per day
  5. The number of rooms divided by category
  6. In the event a certain day has no availability, the number "0" will be highlighted

Visit the following article to learn more: Dashboard - Frequently Asked Questions

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