Base Rates and Availability Matrix - Availability Matrix Overview

The Availability Matrix is a tool for viewing and editing rates, availability and settings. This feature allows you to visually update inventory for a single day or an entire date range, as well as create room blocks for specific date ranges.

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Access the Availability Matrix

  1. Click on the Menu
  2. Go to Rates and Availability
  3. Select Availability Matrix
Availability Matrix Settings
  1. +Long-Term Interval - Update multiple dates, room types and close inventory all at the same time. See more details in the section below.
  2. Settings:
    • Overbookings Settings: If you turn on this option and increase the number of rooms which can be sold and if it is more than your actual availability, this can cause overbookings. Keep this feature turned off to prevent such overbookings.
    • Set Price Differentials: Pre-set price differences between your accommodation types derived from the Base Room type with a click.

The Price Differentials feature is part of the Premiere and Enterprise Cloudbeds packages. Reach out to our Support Team for more details about packages and upgrading options.

  1. Logs - Check out the logs for any changes that were made to the Availability Matrix. See the section below for more details.
  1. Display Options - Select to view all or specific options
  2. Date Range - Use the calendar icon to select date of choice
  3. Grid Information
    • Room Types: Located on the far left-hand side of chart, you will find room type name and total allotment within that room type.
    • Amount Allotted for Sale: Quantity of accommodations that can be sold, regardless of how many accommodations are actually available. If "Allow Overbookings" is enabled, this quantity may exceed the remaining available inventory. 
      The amount allotted for sale in the Availability Matrix can be configured to the existing base rate or rate plans, while the amount allotted for sale configured to the Booking Engine settings affects only the base rate availability. 
    • Group Allotment Blocks: Number of accommodations of an allotment block - this option will be displayed if you have Groups module enabled.
    • Remaining Inventory: Number of accommodations that remain available until you reach full occupancy. This is NOT the number of accommodations that are salable, but rather serves as a marker for how many accommodations can be sold prior to overbooking for that room type
    • Min LOS/Max LOS: Minimum / Maximum Length of stay restriction
    • Accommodation Blocked: You can individually select days that you want to close the inventory for a specific room type
    • Closed to Arrival / Departure: Dates that are closed for arrival /departure (Guests are not able to check in/check out)
    • Price for Child/Adult: Additional prices set in Base Rates section depending on number of Maximum Occupancy and Adults/Children included in rate set in your Accommodation Types
  4. Rates - Edit rates one day at a time. If you have Price Differentials feature configured and you are updating your base accommodation rate, the rate changes will be applied to the other room types according to your settings
  • For Rate Plans it is possible to edit Amount Allotted for Sale and Accommodation Blocked options.
  • Access the Rate Plan through the Rate Plans & Packages section under the Rates and Availability tab to edit min/max LOS or closed to arrival/departure options.
Long Term Interval Settings

On the Availability Matrix, it is not possible to make rate changes to a derived rate plan using the edit by date range interval.

  1. Select you Property and Accommodation - the ones selected will be updated
  2. Start and End Dates - Dates when the availability or rate updates will be applied.
  3. Days of the week - Select if the changes will apply to all or to specific days of the week only
  4. Interval Settings - Select the corresponding interval settings to be edited from the drop-down menu:
    • Amount Allotted for Sale: Edit a specific date quantity by clicking on the date of choice.
    • Base Rate - Add or edit date ranges. Once you select, the system displays the Set Amount option where the user needs to specify the amount that to set for the selected room types and selected dates.

If you subscribed for Premier or Enterprise Cloudbeds package, when you select 'Base Rate', the system displays extra options:

  • Increase - This increases current base rates for the selected room types/dates by the specified % or amount)
  • Decrease - This decreases current base rates for the selected room types/dates by the specified % or amount)
  • MinLOS / MaxLOS - Minimum / Maximum Length of stay restriction. Learn more about these restrictions here.
  • Accommodation Blocked - Individually select days to close the inventory for a specific room type.
  • Closed to Arrival/Departure - Dates that are closed for arrival or departure. On the dates where this restriction is applied, guests will not be able to check-in or check-out.
  • Per Person/Pricing - Additional prices set in Base Rates section depending on number of Maximum Occupancy and Adults/Children included in rate set in your Accommodation Types.
Reset Inventory

Follow the steps below to correct the amount of accommodations allotted for sale for a long period on the Availability Matrix:

  1. Click on +Long Term Interval
  2. Select all the required Accommodation Types
  3. Choose the start and end dates to mirror your Amount Allotted for Sale to the Remaining Inventory
  4. On the Interval Settings, select Amount Allotted for Sale and leave the Units Allotted for Sale field in black.
  5. Click on Add Interval
  6. In the pop-up message, click on Reset to Available Inventory.
Availability Matrix Logs

The logs will show any changes that were made on the matrix or made in the set long term section:

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