Preparing for scheduled maintenance to your Cloudbeds PMS

In this guide, we have outlined some steps you can follow to prepare for scheduled system maintenance, or in the case where you are unable to access your property management system due to unforeseen circumstances.


In the hospitality industry, ensuring that your property is prepared for upcoming or unexpected events is key to delivering the best guest experience under any circumstances.

A strategic combination of an emergency plan and regular good practices is essential to be prepared during system maintenance. Continue reading below for more details and information about how to take action during system maintenance.

We highly recommend performing the action plan and good practices below during your property night audit.

What to do during system maintenance

  • If you noticed that Cloudbeds PMS is not working as expected, first consider discarding other possible reasons unrelated to a system maintenance. Check out the following guide to learn more: Cloudbeds not Loading - Troubleshooting
  • Reach out to our Support Team if the issue still persists after troubleshooting using the referred guide above, and follow the steps of the emergency procedure suggested below.
  • Inform your staff: Even though some of your staff members could be already aware of the issue, inform the whole team about the maintenance at hand and briefly explain how to handle the existing reservations.
  • Define a prioritization scheme to determine which reservations require immediate attention: Additionally, check for any VIP customers or groups arriving today that need special consideration.
  • During the system maintenance, ensure that all guest information and check-in processes are recorded manually: This will help ensure that no information is missed or misplaced while the system is down and that everything remains in proper order. Once the system is back up, all manual records should be uploaded.
  • Keep paper copies of the guests' transactions/payments for later audit.
  • Use payment gateways manually and collect receipts for recording payments as records when the system is back online
  • Notify your guests about the current system maintenance: Assure them that our team is working diligently to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Guests must be aware of the situation and trust it is being addressed.

Once the system is restored, make sure to review the importance of a backup plan for your property.

Be prepared

The importance of a backup plan

Regardless of the nature or duration of downtown events, it is crucial to have an effective backup plan in place for your daily operations to ensure the continuity of your business.

A functional backup plan should have:

  • The defined the data type to be exported on a regular basis (room status or guest information, for example)
  • Specific and regular timelines to determine when this data needs to be backed up
  • Secured data storage (a trustworthy system and the applicable access controls)

Remember to:

  • Ensure your staff members are well-informed about the backup plan: They should know its details and procedures.
  • Define responsibilities: Each staff member should know their roles and what actions they need to take to maintain the operations.
  • Create and print Registration Cards daily to keep control your guests and arrivals.
Backup reports

Keep full control of your reservations with handy and practical reports:

  • Guests Balances: The Balances Report has all the information about posted or pending reservation payments.
  • The housekeeping list shows the current room status and conditions. Use the Housekeeping Inspection Filters to keep track of your Room Status and export your report.

Learn more about the Cloudbeds Insights and Reports.

Reservation documentation

Manage your arriving and in-house guest reservations with the following documentation:

Check-in procedures
  1. Check the Arrivals list generated for the reservation documentation.
  2. Print guest Registration Cards daily for taking manual check-in.
  3. With a Housekeeping List printed, you can easily know which room your guests can be assigned.
Check-out procedures
  1. Check and print the Guest Balance Report to find the outstanding balance per guest (for in-house and departure statuses). Use this same report to prepare your guest's folio for their check-out time.
  2. If applicable, check with other departments and see if there are any charges incurred which need to be collected from the guest.

Remember to check our System Status page for the most up-to-date information on the status of our system.

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