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How to Prepare for Loss of Access to your Property Management System


Hospitality can be unpredictable but making sure that your property is prepared for unexpected events is key to delivering the best guest experience under any circumstances.

In this article we've outlined a couple steps you can follow in case you can't access your property management system due to unforeseen circumstances like storms, power outages or natural disasters.

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We recommend to perform the following action plan (back up reports, and reservations documentation) during your property night audit.

Back up Reports

Keep full control of your reservations with handy and practical reports.

  • Guests Balances: The Balances Report have all the information about posted or pending reservation payments.
  • Housekeeping list shows current rooms status and conditions - Use the Housekeeping Inspection Filters to keep track of your Room Status and export your report.


Manage your arriving and in-house guests reservations with the following documentation:

Check-in Procedures

  1. Check the Arrival list generated above.
  2. Printed guest Registration Cards will be used for taking manual check-in.
  3. With a Housekeeping List printed, you can easily know in which room your guests can be assigned.
  4. If applicable, inform other departments like Room Service, and Housekeeping about the guests who were checked in manually.

Check-out Procedures

  1. Check the Guest Balance Report to find out the outstanding balance per guest (for in-house and departures statuses).
  2. Use the Guests Balance Report to prepare your guest's folio for the their check-out time.
  3. If applicable, check with other departments and if there are any charges incurred which needs to be collected from the guest.
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