Process a transaction through the Terminal with Cloudbeds Payments

Important tips:

  • Check if the terminals are available in your region: Cloudbeds Payments - Terminals Overview

  • Contact our Sales team if you are interested in Cloudbeds Payments or want to order a terminal.

  • You can only process a transaction through a supported terminal if Cloudbeds Payments is enabled.

  • You can use Cloudbeds Payments in different sections.

  • Currently, the system does not allow you to activate your terminal when creating a new reservation, but you can still process transactions in which the card is not present. Check: How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway

  • The terminal only works for charges linked to your Cloudbeds PMS. You won't be able to use it for charges outside of Cloudbeds PMS, such as Poster.

  • You must confirm the reservation and return to the Guest Folio to process the transaction using your terminal.

  • All payments will be processed in your property's currency.

Process a Transaction from the Folio

Access the reservation:

  1. Folio
  2. Add/Refund Payment
  3. Add Payment
  1. Assign the guest (if applicable)
  2. Select the folio (if applicable)
  3. Amount: By default, the system will add the balance due, but you can edit the amount if needed.
  4. Choose the desired Payment Type, select Terminal.
    • Stored Credit Carduse previously added credit card details to process the transaction.
    • Terminal — card-present transaction (this option activates your card reader).
    • Add new credit card — add new credit card details to process transactions.
  5. Click to Process the Payment.

Due to security reasons, it's impossible to see the credit card details — check the following article for more information: Why can't I view full credit card details?

You will see this prompt on your screen if you choose the option terminal. In this step, you can:

  • Use the current terminal connected. The terminal name will be described on the following screen, so proceed with the next steps below.
  • Choose another terminal — if you have multiple terminals, click Choose Another.
  • Cancel the transaction.

On your terminal, you will see a new screen with the amount intended for charge as shown below:

  1. Now, swipe, insert, or have your guest tap their mobile device on top of the terminal to process the payment.

The system cannot store credit card details if a contactless method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) is used.

  1. The transaction will be complete, and the Cloudbeds page will refresh.
      • All payments processed by the terminal always appear under the Property Owner's username on the Reservation Activity.
      • If the transaction declines, check the following article: Decline Codes.
      • Using the steps detailed above, you can also run a transaction through a House Account using Cloudbeds Payments. For more information, check: Adding Payment/Refund to House Account.

If you face an error message - "Internal Server Error"

If you are processing a transaction or recording a previous payment, the Internal Server Error may be triggered for different reasons. Check the following topics:

  1. Ensure the email address under Guest Details is valid. "" or other placeholder emails can cause this error.
  2. Double-check that OTA-generated emails are valid.
  3. If the card is a US-issued card, check if the country selected under Guest Details is the United States.
  4. Under Credit Cards tab, verify if the CVV and expiration date of the card are valid.
  5. If you've just connected Cloudbeds Payments, check if your Onboarding process has been completed.

Remember, when setting up your account, the process might take 1-2 business days to complete if all of the information is successfully verified.

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