Cloudbeds Payments - Why I can't view full credit card details?

Per PCI Standards (Payment Card Industry Standards) viewing full credit card data can pose a liability to your business in the event that the card details were exposed to an outside source.

With Cloudbeds Payments, we securely store your credit card data and do not allow anyone to view full details of the card for your card holders and your business’s financial safety.

The system cannot store credit card details if contactless method was used.

Why was I able to view credit card data with my previous provider?

The PCI Security Standards Council recommends you protect all card data and only keep what you need and limit access wherever possible.

Now, with the progression of technology in our world today and the advancements fraudsters have made, it has become dangerous and unsecure for anyone to view full credit card data (even when password protected) and can pose a huge breach threat to any business.

With Cloudbeds Payments, we encrypt the card data at the time of capture (transaction in-flight) and then we securely store your guests card data once entered (data at rest) which gives peace of mind that your data is safe.

Although you can't see full credit card details, you can import a credit card from one reservation to another. Please check the following article for further details: How to use credit card details from an existing reservation for a new reservation

The credit card entered initially was incorrect. How can I see or/and edit the card number?

If you feel that a credit card was entered incorrectly, we advise that you reenter the credit card data to ensure validity.  You cannot edit a card that has already been saved in the system. Deactivate the card that is invalid, then reenter the full credit card details as a newly stored card.

There are multiple validations that are run against a card at the time of entry which include:

  • valid expiration date    
  • valid credit card number
  • valid CVV code, which help mitigate invalid credit card data being captured. 

However, if a guest is requesting to validate the card used during reservation, we advise that you solely provide the card type and last 4 digits of the card captured. Providing further credit card details can put you at risk of a fraudster that may be deceptive and conducting a scam.

If the information provided is incorrect, you can simply reenter the new card information under the folio and save.

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