Police Report - Spain


The Local Police in Spain require that every hotel provides a Daily Guest List. Myfrontdesk can generate this report and the property can upload it to the Local Police website.

You may find the Police Report - Spain under 'Manage > Integrations' section.

Please contact us at support@cloudbeds.com if you do not see this functionality.

How to Generate a Report

Go to Police Report - Spain page:

1. Enter your Spanish Gov Hotel ID
2. Select which date to run the report for
3. Confirm that all mandatory information (guest details) has been filled out properly
4. Click 'Generate report', to download file to your PC

In order to generate the report you need to make sure all the mandatory fields in guest details are filled in correctly, including Additional Guest details. If any of this information is missing, the file won't be downloaded!

Mandatory information in Guest Details

For Spain Police Report there are fields which are mandatory to be filled in:

Guest Details:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Date of Birth (should include date, month and year)

Guest document:

  1. Type of document
  2. Document Number
  3. Document Issue Date
  4. Document Issuing Country

Room Assignment:

  1. Guests must be assigned to a Room/Bed in order to be included in the Police Report.

If there is more than one guest in reservation, add all the guests and fill in their details.

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