Reservation Details Overview


This article will walk you through the Reservations tab and details

Reservations Tab Overview

Log in to myfrontdesk account and click on the 'Reservations' tab.

Here is a short overview of the features available on this page:

  1. The 'Create New reservation' button will take you to the reservation creation page
  2. Reservation Filter: You can use a variety of filters to refine your reservation list. You can sort reservations by Date Booked, Check-in Date, Check-out Date, Reservation Status, Room Types, or Sources
  3. Reservations Import Options, Export reservation, Print reservations list
  4. Reservations list
  5. Use the Reservation Search option to search reservation by a guest's name or reservation ID
  6. Bulk Action: The system allows you to check-in, check out, add payments or delete multiple reservations at once

    To access the reservation and check more details, click on the guest's name.
Reservation Details

From a reservation page, you can see the following options:

  1. Guest Name and myfrontdesk reservation ID - The reservation ID is a reference number created by the system automatically and cannot be changed/customized
  2. Reservation Status - Confirmed, Confirmation Pending, Canceled, In-house, Checked out, or No Show.

All OTA reservations get imported to myfrontdesk with a 'Confirmed' status

  1. Guest's Status - Learn more about this feature here.
  2. Action Button - Under the drop-down menu, you have a few options:
  1. Reservation Information - The display will vary depending on the type of reservation (Canceled vs. direct vs. OTA reservations)

Below are the default fields:

  • Check-In
  • Check-Out
  • Nights: The total number of nights
  • Reservation Date: The date the reservation was made
  • Guests: The total number of guests
  • Estimated Arrival Time
  • Source: Where the reservation was made
  • Rate Plan(s)
  1. Balance Due - The drop-down menu on the right side displays further details regarding the deposit, subtotal, any additional items, tax, and the grand total. It also displays any amount that has already been paid

For OTA reservations that send us these information, there are a few extra fields available:

  • Cancellation #: More details on canceled OTA reservations can be found here
  • Cancellation fee: This amount is NOT included in your balance due, nor calculated towards your reservation total. It is there for informational purposes only

This is only available for OTA reservations that send myfrontdesk this specific information. It is also not possible to edit this information inside myfrontdesk.

Click on the following article to learn more about Cancellation fee received from OTA via API

  • Payment Type: Hotel Collect vs. Channel Collect
  • Guest(s) Gender: For channels that send us information about customer's gender, as well as the count of males/females per reservation
  • Origin: The original booking source used by the guest to make the reservation. Detailed information on this can be found here.

Beneath this top bar, there are eight tabs. Here is a short summary of each:

  1. Accommodations - Displays information about the rooms of the reservation. Here, you have the ability to edit the details
  2. Folio -  The financial details of the reservation (room rates, pending transactions, additional items already posted) are stored here. This page contains filtering options; you can add/refund payments, adjust charges, or add an item
  3. Guest details - Information for each guest on the reservation. Additional guests are also added here

Guest Details section may include fields with guest's Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Such fields will be marked with the eye icon. When a user clicks this icon - it will be noted in the activity log.

The Property Owner can control who can view and edit PII guest's data on 'Roles' page.

  1. Credit Cards - Any debit or credit cards attached as a payment method. If there is no credit card on file, you can add one. 
  2. Notes - This is an additional space for miscellaneous details, special requests, or important reminders. You can keep notes active or archive notes that you do not need anymore
  3. Documents - Upload files and other documents to attach to the reservation. Example: Copy of Passport, Driver's license, etc. This can be for both the reservation as a whole and/or separated by guests.
    Types of supported files which can be uploaded: pdf', 'rtf', 'doc', 'docx', 'txt', "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "gif", 'csv', 'txt', 'xls', 'xlsx'
  4. Reservation Activity - The activity log related to a particular reservation. This details all changes made by the system and/or user(s).
  5. E-mail messages -  Displays all emails for that reservation (sent, delivered, failed, scheduled). This feature is similar to the Email Delivery Log, but it only includes emails belonging to this reservation.
Accommodations Tab Overview

Under the accommodations tab, you have more features available:

  1. Edit Reservation - A tool that allows you to alter the details of your reservation (change the length of stay and number of guests). For additional details on how to edit the stay dates, please refer to this article: How to change the Check-in / Check-out dates.
  2. Res ID - The unique reservation ID generated by the system
    • For reservations with more than one room type, each subsequent room after the first will have the same ID with a number added to the end of it. Ex: 8675309, 8675309-2, 8675309-3, etc.
  3. Type - The accommodation type assigned to the reservation
  4. Assignment - The specific room number assigned to the reservation.
    • If you do not have the auto-assignment enabled, you can assign the room/bed here
    • Once assigned, the reservation will be displayed on the calendar page.
    • Un-assigning the room does not mean that you are canceling the reservation
  5. Guest - it shows additional guests (if the reservation has more than 1 guest)
  6. Arrival/Departure Date: Check-in / check-out dates of the reservation
    Guest - Number of guests/children added to the reservation
    Nights - The total number of nights
    Total - Total amount of reservation (except additional items)
  7. Occupied - Shows whether or not a specific room is occupied yet by the guests in the reservation. You can also use this option to check-in or check-out guests.
  8. Edit - Drop-down menu which contains:
    • Quick Edit - Quickly edit the check-in/check-out date and split the reservation
    • Edit Price - Quickly edit the room rates. In order to keep accurate information, do not edit posted room rates using this feature. To do so, access the guest's folio in order to proceed with the adjustment.
    • Edit Reservation - This will take you to the main reservation page
    • Delete Accommodation - This will delete the accommodation from the reservation. Keep in mind that you can not revert this action
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