Reservation Details Overview


This article will explain how to find reservation and how to check reservation details.

Login to Myfrontdesk and follow the steps below:

Got to the "reservations" screen

Here is a short overview of the functionality available on this page:

  1. "Learn to use" button: click on this for relevant videos and related tutorial articles. One of these buttons is available on most pages and is a great way to brush up on the fundamentals.
  2. "New reservation" will take you to the reservation creation menu.
  3. The reservation filter
  4. Export, import, or print your reservations table.
  5. The reservations list.

For more information about a reservation, click on the primary guest's name.

This will take you to the reservation's details

On every page of a reservation's details, you can do the following:

1. Change the status of the reservation. (Confirmed, confirmation pending, canceled, in-house, checked out, or no show)

2. Email and print options for both the reservation confirmation and folio. Also the ability to compose messages and print welcome cards.

3. Current payment balance of the account. Clicking on the menu button to the right side displays further details regarding the deposit, sub total, any additional items, tax, and the grand total. It also displays any amount that has already been paid.

Beneath this top bar, there are six tabs, here is a short summary of each:

4. Accommodations - Information about the rooms of the reservation and the ability to edit the specifics.

5. Folio - Financial details and incidentals, exportable and contains filtering options. Also contains options to add or refund payments, adjust a charge, or add an item.

6. Guest details - Information for each guest on the reservation. More guests are also added here.

7. Credit cards - Any debit or credit cards attached as a method of payment. If there is no credit card on file, you can also add one. Even though you can add a debit card number in this area, it will be recorded as a credit card payment method. In our system, "Debit card" payment method doesn't specify card type (Mastercard, Visa, Dinners, etc) or its numbers.

8. Notes - Additional space for miscellaneous details, special requests, or important reminders.

9. Documents - Upload files and other documents to attach to the reservation. Can be for both the reservation as a whole and/or separated by guest.

10. Reservation Activity - Activity log related to a particular reservation. Shows all changes made by the system and/or user(s).

11. E-mail messages -  Show all emails  for that reservation (sent, delivered, failed, scheduled).
This feature is similar to the Email Delivery Log, but it only includes emails belonging to this reservation.

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