Availability Matrix Overview


The availability matrix is a tool for viewing and editing rates, availability and settings. In this article, we will explain the functionality of the Availability Matrix.

Please note that this feature may not be available for all users. Please, contact us at support@cloudbeds.com to enable it.

Step 1: Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

The availability matrix allows you to visually update inventory for a single day or an entire date range, as well as create room blocks for specific date ranges.

You can use the "Long-Term Interval" to update multiple dates and room types at the same time, or click the top number (or checkbox) for each specific date within the Intervals table to update the availability or close the date. For multiple period simply repeat the steps.

Step 2: Click on "Rates and Availability" and select "Availability Matrix"

Step 3: Availability Matrix

How does more availability help me get more bookings?

Loading plenty of availability – both long-term and last-minute – means you are more visible to more bookers and thus more likely to get bookings. For some OTAs, like Booking.com the availability you load lets us market your property on channels like Google, not to mention our thousands of affiliate partner websites – from airlines to comparison websites – so we can make sure you are seen by an even wider, more global audience.

Also, travellers like to plan ahead, so you will appear in more search results for if you load availability further out into the future. We recommend at least 1 year to 16 months of future inventory, and to keep this updated continuously.

1) "+ Long-Term Interval": by selecting this button, you are able to update multiple dates, room types and close inventory all at the same time.

2) Allow Overbookings: By enabling overbookings, this will allow you to sell a higher quantity of accommodations than you have available. If enabled, the quantity sold can exceed 100% occupancy.


3) Display Options: You can select to view all or specific options

4) Date Range: Use the calendar icon to select date of choice

5) Grid Information: The following will assist in reading the below chart

  • Room Types - Located on the far left-hand side of chart, you will find room type name and total allotment within that room type.
  • Amount Allotted for Sale: Quantity of accommodations that can be sold, regardless of how many accommodations are actually available. If "Allow Overbookings" is enabled, this quantity may exceed remaining available inventory.
  • Remaining Inventory: Number of accommodations that remain available until you reach full occupancy. This is NOT the number of accommodations that are saleable, but rather serves as a marker for how many accommodations can be sold prior to overbooking for that room type.

6) Logs: Check out the logs for any changes that were made to the availability matrix.

Availability Matrix - cont'd

You can edit some of the options by clicking on the field.

  • Amount Allotted for Sale: You can edit a specific date quantity by clicking on the date of choice. 
  • Remaining Inventory: The # remaining, cannot be edited
  • MinLOS: Minimum Length of stay restriction
  • MaxLOS: Maximum Length of Stay restriction
  • Accommodation Blocked: You can individually select days that you want to close the inventory for a specific room type.
  • Closed to Arrival: Dates that are closed for arrival (Guests are not able to check in).
  • Closed to Departure: Dates that are closed for departure (Guests are not able to check out).
  • Price for Child/Adult: Additional prices set in Base Rates section depending on number of Maximum Occupancy and Adults/Children included in rate set in your Accommodation Types.

SAVE: After making changes on this screen, click the save button on the bottom right hand corner to ensure all data has been properly changed.

For Rate Plans it is possible to edit Amount Allotted for Sale and Accommodation Blocked options. To edit min/maxLOS or closed to arrival/departure options, please access the rate plan through the Rate Plans & Packages section under Rates and Availability tab.

Set Long Term

If you would like to set any of the parameters in a longer time period or multiple intervals. Click on the "+LONG-TERM INTERVAL" button.

First you will select which accomodations to modify (1), then select interval dates (2), choose if there are certain days of the week to set (3). You can click the "Add Date Range" (4) to add one more interval.

The next step is to choose which parameters (5) to change. Any parameters selected will be changed when you add add the interval (6).

Please note: On Availability Matrix, it is not possible to make rate changes to a derived rate plan using the long term interval


The availability logs will show any changes that were made on the matrix or made in the set long term section.

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