Cancelling Reservations

How to cancel direct reservations in myfrontdesk
  1. Go to the reservation and change its status to 'Cancelled.'

2. Select how to proceed with the cancellation (whether you want to email the guest).

You can edit the Cancellation email on the  'Email Templates' page.

3. After confirming the cancellation

  • The reservation will disappear from the calendar.
  • All pending transactions (charges scheduled for future dates) will be removed from folio BUT will remain in the balance due.


  • Amount of pending transactions (room rates) remaining in balance due won't affect the revenue reports.
  • Amount of pending transactions (room rates) remaining in balance due will still be displayed when exporting reservations to file and in account balances report.
  • If there were posted transactions in the reservation they will remain in the folio and balance due. These include charges (debit) done before the current date while the reservation was changed to 'in-house' status.

You can check the date of cancellation by moving your mouse towards the Cancellation # field on reservation details:

How to zero out the balance due for cancelled reservations

Although the number of pending transactions remaining in balance due doesn't affect revenue reports, some properties will prefer to zero it out so that property staff is aware that the guest shouldn't pay for his stay as he cancelled it.

To zero out the balance due you need to:

1) Go to the reservation and change its status back to confirmed.

2) Go to 'Accommodation' section and click 'Edit Price.'

3) Put 0.00 as the price for all dates and click 'Save Updates.'

4) Change status back to 'Cancelled.' Now balance due equals 0.00.

How to Add Cancellation Fee / Cancellation Revenue

Some properties charge guests a cancellation fee. How to handle such cases in myfrontdesk?

1. Inform your guests about cancellation fees
  • For guests booking through the channels, add cancellation policies on OTAs.
  • For guests making direct reservations (through myfrontdesk and mybookings), add cancellation policies in myfrontdesk. They will be displayed on mybookings and be sent in myfrontdesk default emails to guests.

IMPORTANT: The Cancellation Policy is only an information field for guests, it does not charge the guests automatically. All charges need to be done manually.

3. Add charge for cancellation

There are 2 ways to add a charge for cancellation:

  • Cancellation manual revenue (recommended)
  • Cancellation fee

Cancellation Revenue will be considered in reports as part of room revenue/RevPar, while cancellation fee will be considered as a separate item and won't be included in room revenue/RevPar.

Option A. Adding a cancellation revenue
  1. Go to reservation folio and click 'Add/Adjust Charge' > 'Add Room Revenue.'

2. Select revenue type: Cancellation, and fill in all the necessary information. You can also apply a tax/fee on top of this charge.

3. The charge will appear in the folio and will affect the balance due

Option B. Adding a cancellation fee

1. Create a fee on the 'Taxes and Fees' page, and name it as a cancellation fee.

2. On the reservation folio click 'Add Adjust Charge' > 'Add Exclusive Tax/Fee.'

3. Select 'Cancellation fee' and enter the amount of fee:

4. The fee will be added to the folio under the debit column and will affect balance due:

Canceling Reservations Made on OTA

Depending on the reservation source the cancellation process may be different. Please check the article below to find out more about canceling reservations made on OTAs:

Canceling/Modifying Reservation Made on OTA

Canceling Reservations for Account types "mybookings only"

In case you are not using Cloudbeds Full account (myfrontdesk + mybookings + myallocator) and have chosen to work with mybookings only (together with myallocator or not) the cancellation process is different.

In this case, restrictions are applied, and you will not be able to change the status of a reservation to 'cancelled.' If you receive a cancellation request for a reservation that was imported through your website you will have 2 options:

Option A: Add one extra room to the availability
  1. Go to the Availability Matrix.
  2. Find the period of the existing reservation and add one extra room available, i.e, if current availability is 0 - you will have to change to 1; if current availability is 2 - you will have to change it to 3.
  3. Double check if it's correct and save it.

If you are not using any PMS, it is recommended to create an internal process for cases like this so your reception team will know that the booking was cancelled.

Note: Since you are adding an extra room available, this will cause a fake overbooking because you are saying you have more rooms available than your total inventory. Because of that, if you choose to work with option 1, you will have to allow overbookings. Click here to learn more about "Allow overbooking" option.

Option B: Delete the reservation

WARNING: By deleting the reservation, you will lose all the information related to that guest from your database and it can NOT be undone (information can not be recovered).

If you don't feel confident working with overbookings, this option is for you:

  1. In the "Reservation" section, find the booking.
  2. Double check the details to make sure you will delete the correct one.
  3. Click at the "x" and delete the reservation.
If a payment is processed with the payment processor (gateway) and I cancel the reservation in myfrontdesk, will it be automatically refunded?

Payment Processing is an optional Cloudbeds feature. You may find more about it here: Payment Processing Overview.

No. The act of cancelling a reservation doesn't affect transactions that have been processed and posted in the folio, meaning that the posted transactions will remain there.

If you want to make a refund, you need to do it manually. Here is the article which describes the process of making a refund: How to Process Refund Through Payment Gateway

Only scheduled payment (pending transaction) will be voided when the reservation is cancelled since the scheduled payment is not yet processed and posted in the folio.

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