Add HTML and CSS code to customize your Cloudbeds Booking Engine

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine offers a number of customization options for those who are either familiar with HTML/CSS or employ a web-designer.

This article shows how to access the customization page and use HTML/CSS Custom Meta Tags for your property website.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language used to enhance the visual appearance and layout of a website.

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine allows you to customize the look and feel of your website to ensure it fits seamlessly into your website's existing branding. Create a unique style with the use of the Custom CSS field located within your Booking Engine Settings, tailoring the design of your website so that it stands out on its own.

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine is being upgraded to a new version. Learn more: Cloudbeds Booking Engine Plus (November 2023)

Important considerations

  • We provide customization codes as an additional informational resource for those already familiar with HTML and CSS. The code may become outdated and require additional work on it. Our Support Team will be glad to assist you with using the codes only provided by us.
  • The code provided are for reference only, and may require some additional modification to work correctly.
  • Cloudbeds does not offer assistance with hotel website web design/development, or customization not provided by us.
  • The code work on desktop version of Cloudbeds Booking Engine, and may not work on mobile version.

Add HTML and CSS code to customize your Booking Engine

  1. Go to the Booking Engine section of the Settings page
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Enter the customization code into the necessary field(s)
  4. Save your changes
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