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The invoice is a document issued to the guest outlining all the transactions associated with a reservation, including room rates, payments, adjustments, and additional products sold. Generating an invoice is useful to show the guest how much they owe, along with a breakdown of all the charges.

1. Navigate to Invoicing

To manage your invoicing settings you need to:

1) Click on  the gear icon in the top right corner

2) Select 'Invoicing' tab

2. Managing Invoicing

There are two options on how the invoice will be generated: automatically or manually. Please refer to the information below to configure the system according to your needs:

General Settings

On 'Invoicing' page you may set the way the invoices for the guests are generated and displayed.

You will find the following fields on the setup screen:

1) Would you like the invoice to be generated based on the country the guest is from

2) Title

This is the name of the invoice that will appear when you download a PDF or send an email with the invoice, in case you want to name it something other than "Invoice"

3) Prefix

Select any numbers or letters that you would like to appear before the sequentially generated invoice number. Example: INV-1001-POST

4) Starting Index Number

The number of the first invoice that gets generated. All invoices generated after will be sequential, continuing from this number. If you enter "1" here, your first invoice number will be 1, followed by 2, and so on. if you enter "1001", your first invoice number will be 1001, followed by 1002, etc.

5) Suffix

Select any numbers or letters that you would like to after the sequentially generated invoice number. Example:1001-POST

6) Tax ID Number

If you would like the tax number appear on the invoice, add it below. You can add up to two tax IDs.

7) Due Date

Number of days that the guest has to pay the invoice from the time the invoice is generated. If the invoice is generated immediately, this will be the number of days to make a payment after the reservation has been created. If you have selected to generate the invoice manually, this will be the number of days after you generate the invoice.  If you do not want to display a due date on invoice, leave this area blank.

8) Logo

This image uploader allows you to add your property logo to display on the invoices. Recommended size is 100 pixel height and 100 pixel width.

10) Custom Text

If you have any additional text to add to the invoice, such as directions for how to make a payment and/or any additional policies, you can add them below.

After you populated all the information you would like to have on the invoice, save the page and click "PDF Preview" in the top right corner to download a preview PDF of what it would look like next time you generate an invoice.

Automatically generated invoices

Navigate to the setting: 'Would you like the invoices to be generated immediately when a new reservation is created, or generate them manually '

There are two options to select from here:

1. Generate Invoice when new reservation created

If this option is selected, each time a new reservation is created within the application (this includes both manually created reservations from within the application, as well as all the incoming reservations from the channels you are integrated with), the invoice will be generated immediately. This means that you do not need to generate an invoice each time. The default due date will start counting from the day the reservation is created.

2. I will generate Invoices myself

If this option is selected, an invoice will not be created until you navigate to the reservation and generate an invoice.

For more information on how to create the invoice manually please see below.

Generating invoice manually

With this option, you will be able to pick and choose which reservations have an invoice, and keep the index number consistent based on when you generate the invoice. The due date will start counting from the day the invoice is generated, not the day the reservation is created.

In order to generate the invoice you need to:

1) Go to the reservation

2) Click the file-icon and select 'Generate New Invoice button'

3) You may see the list of all the invoices created on the reservation page by clicking 'Documents' tab and selecting 'Invoices' on the left side of the screen:

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