Okta Verify (MFA) Method - How to set up

As of June, 2023 we are updating our multi-factor authentication solution (MFA) to  provide stronger security and flexible policy options for our platform. It supports various options, such as: Okta Verify, SMS, voice call, email, security questions, and third-party factors like Google Authenticator or Duo.

To ensure smooth login process, it is necessary for each user to clear their cache and cookies before logging into the system after the previous user.

1. Activate Your Account

You will need to activate your account if this is the first time you access the system or if you are resetting your user. Follow the steps below:

  1. You will receive the following email once your user was created in the system, click to Activate Your Account
Welcome to Okta! - mariia.korostashevych@cloudbeds.com - Cloudbeds Mail - Google Chrome
  1. Enter your new password according to the requirements you see on your screen
  2. Repeat the new password
  3. Click Create My Account
cloudbedsciam - Welcome to cloudbedsciam! - Google Chrome

2. Multi-Factor Authentication Setup

Now you are redirected to the Multi-factor authentication setup page. Choose and set up the preferred authentication method:

  1. Okta Verify - this is the default and recommended method that we support, which means that you will use a push notification sent to the mobile Okta app.
  2. Security Key or  Biometric Authenticator - chose this method if you'd like to chose a security key (USB or bluetooth) or a biometric authenticator (Windows Hello, Touch ID, etc.)
  3. Google Authenticator - chose this method if you'd like to access Cloudbeds PMS by using a one time code from the Google Authenticator app.
  4. SMS Authentication - enter a single-use code sent to your mobile phone.
  5. Voice Call Authentication - use a phone to authenticate by following voice instructions. This method will be useful if your area has no internet connection.
  6. Email Authentication - enter a verification code sent to your email. This method will be useful if you won't have any mobile phone at you.

Chose to setup the preferred method and click to set it up.

3. Okta Verify Authentication Method Setup

  1. Select your device type: iPhone or Android
  2. If you have an iPhone follow the link to the Apple store and download an Okta app on your phone.
  3. If you have an Android follow the link to the Google Play store and download an Okta app on your phone.
  4. Next
cloudbedsciam - Extra Verification - Google Chrome

The next actions (#5-8) need to be performed from your phone:

  1. Open Okta app you just downloaded on your phone
  2. Click on + in the top right corner of your app
  3. Select Organization
  4. Click on Yes, Ready to Scan
Mariia Korostashevych - Cloudbeds - Slack - Google Chrome
  1. Scan the QR code which you see on your screen after clicking Next in step#4 above
Myfrontdesk OKTA MFA migration Release Notes - Google Docs - Google Chrome
  1. Click Finish
cloudbedsciam - Extra Verification - Google Chrome
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