3D Secure - Frequently Asked Questions

Check this article 3D Secure User Guide - Everything you need to know for general information on this topic.

Which properties will be affected by 3D Secure CSA Regulation?

The European Economic Area (EEA) is comprised of: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

Which Payment Gateway supports 3D Secure?

Currently, Cloudbeds only supports 3D Secure feature through our latest version of Stripe. If you do not have the latest version of Stripe, please visit this article for further information: Updating your Stripe Connection

Is it possible to send emails to other guests on reservations added manually to myfrontdesk or received via OTAs?

Currently, it's not possible - only the main guest will receive the email, but our development team is planning to add this option in future releases.

Is it possible to resend emails from Folio tab?

No. In order to resend emails, you should use Email Messages tab from reservation's page or the Email Delivery log tab to resend emails.

Please check further info about these options in the section "Cards added manually to myfrontdesk reservations or received" of this article.

How to cancel Pending Payment?

For any reason, property may wish to cancel a pending payment. The system allows the user to cancel in two ways:

  1. Under guest's folio
  2. Under Credit Card tab
How can I track my Pending Payments?

To check if you have Pending Payments that are waiting for 3D Secure authentication, you can use the following reports:

Payment Processing Report

  1. Navigate to Reports  -> Payment Processing Report
  2. When opening up the report you can filter by Pending Status

The system will show you the list of Pending Payments

Payment Ledger Report

  1. Navigate to Reports  -> Financial Reports -> Payment Ledger
  2. When opening up the report you can filter by Pending Transactions
  3. Or, you can simply sort by Description by clicking on the column name
What happens if the guest puts the wrong information into the banks authentication page by accident? Is it possible to go back to the reservation and restart the payment?

In such case, the payment will need to be restarted. The following steps need to be taken:

  1. The guest needs to contact the property directly
  2. The property needs to cancel the pending payment (using the options described on 'How to cancel Pending Payment? under the FAQ section of this article)
  3. The property needs to add the payment manually again to resend the email to the guest
What happens to authorizations when the reservation is cancelled? Does the system release funds?

No, the system does not release funds. The property can still capture that depending on the cancellation settings.

What happens if the property tries to charge a cancellation fee and the amount is different to the authorized amount?

The myfrontdesk user will be able to charge the amount even if is different to the authorized amount.

How to ensure that the property receives the cancelation fee if the guest denies the authentication and the property has a non-refundable or cancellation / no-show policies?

If the guest denies the payment authorization for Cancellation, No/Show or Non-refundable booking means that the property will not be able to process the charge.

Currently, myfrontdesk not automating cancellation/no-show policies yet and the cancellation/ no show fees, so it's hard to charge if the guest denies the authentication. Here we have a few recommendations to minimize this scenario:

  • In mybookings terms & conditions input 3D CSA information stating that guest is fully responsible for authorizing such charges and failure
  • Contact your OTAs to check if you can use Virtual Cards as payment options since virtual cards are not required to be authenticated by 3D Secure
  • Pre-stay Deposits: we recommend you to collect deposit before the actual check-in date. This means you will collect the balance in full at the time of booking. You can set/change your Policies settings here
How to proceed if I sent the email from House Account / Group Folio to a wrong address?

On House Accounts and Groups pages, the cards that need to be authenticated by 3D secure will trigger a modal where the myfrontdesk user should enter the guest's email address.

To check if you sent the email to the correct address, please access the Email Delivery Log tab to double-check

If you realized that you sent to a wrong email address, please proceed with the following steps

Click to Open the corresponding House Account / Group Account

  1. On the House Account / Group Folio, you will see the Pending Payment - Click to Cancel
  2. In order to send a new email, go ahead and add the payment again
  3. Enter the correct email address
3D Secure Stripe Settings

Stripe account allows an optional 3D Secure settings for properties not based in the European Economic Area (EEA). Check further info on this knowledge base article: 3D Secure Settings

3D Secure and OTAs


For further info on how Expedia handles the 3D Secure Regulations, please check further information on our Expedia Connection Guide

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