Stripe Connection Guide


Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors we connect with. This guide will walk you through connecting Stripe to your myfrontdesk account.

Please Note:

* Credit card details are stored by Stripe and cannot be seen by myfrontdesk's users. All transactions must be made via myfrontdesk.

* Although Stripe offers multiple alternative payment methods, our integration only supports credit and debit cards as payment methods (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)

Connecting your Stripe account to myfrontdesk

Before you can connect to Stripe you will need an account. They are available for businesses located in 25 countries and accept payments from anywhere in the world. If you already have an account, please continue.

  1. In your myfrontdesk account, go to Manage > Payment Options
  2. Activate the Payment Gateway Feature and switch it to Live
  3. Choose Stripe from the list and click on "Click To Connect"

Make sure you have changed your setting from Test to Live before connecting. If you connect your account while in Test Mode, you will need to switch to Live and connect again.

  1. A new window from Stripe will pop-up. Enter the login and password for your Stripe account and click "Sign in to your account".
  2. In the next screen, click on Connect my Stripe account

This is a new flow to connect your Stripe account. If the instructions in this article are not similar to what you see in your account, please contact support and ask them to change your Stripe connection to our version 2.

Updating your Stripe connection

If you are already using Stripe as a Payment Gateway on myfrontdesk, you will need to switch to the new version. To do so, follow this quick step-by-step

  1. In your myfrontdesk's account, go to Manage > Payment Options
  2.  Scroll down to your Payment Gateway settings and click on Change.
  3. Change the Gateway from Stripe (deprecated) to Stripe
  4. Now, click to Connect and follow the steps above.
I can't view the credit card details

Stripe stores the credit cards in your account but does not allow anyone to see them. You can still run any transactions on them via myfrontdesk.

Error: No such customer: cus_XxxxXxXxX

The current Stripe account connected to your myfrontdesk account is not the same that was used to create the customer / store the credit card information.

Make sure you are connected to the correct account by following the set up instructions once again.

If you were a Stripe user on the previous version, you may have connected the wrong account when switching. This may happens if you have more than one Stripe account for different properties.

Error: Your card was declined. Your request was in test mode, but used a non test (live) card.

Cause: Your account is connected to Stripe in test mode.

Solution: Change the mode to Live and re-connect. If the mode is already on Live, you will still need to re-connect your Stripe account. On Payment Options, click on Change next to Stripe and Click to Connect again.

Keep in mind that the cards collected while the account was connected in Test Mode will not be available for charging.

Error: This connected account cannot currently make live charges. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed.

Please make sure your Stripe account is fully configured, verified and live. If you have a new Stripe account, you may need to go thru some steps to make it fully functional. When that's completed, you should be able to use Stripe with your myfrontdesk account.

For more details and other error codes, please refer to this article on Stripe website.

Previous connection
  1. Go to the Stripe API Keys Page: 
    From Stripe's support site: 
    Your API keys are located in your account settings.
    If you do not see your API keys, this means that you have either Read & Write or Read Only access, and are not an administrator for the account.
    You will need to get in touch with the administrator of your account for the API keys or to request that they make you an administrator in the account's team settings.
  2. Copy and paste the Stripe Secret API Key
    Copy and paste the Stripe Secret API Key from the Stripe API Keys page into the field with the same name in the Payment Gateway options.
    Note: Make sure that there are no additional spaces before or after the API key. This can cause your connection to be rejected by Stripe.
  3. Click the blue "Connect Gateway" button and then "Save"
  4. Stripe should now be connected!

You may also want to run a test transaction to verify that everything is fully setup.

Switching from another gateway to Stripe

Our Stripe integration uses a different technology and because of that the credit cards you already have on file with your current payment gateway will not be transferred and will no longer be accessible.

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