Cloudbeds Payments - Tax Documents + 1099-K Form

A 1099-K tax form is a statement of income that merchants receive in late January to early February from their processor for the previous tax year. Forms are mailed to you via USPS and are sent to the address the processor has on file by January 31.

To receive a 1099-K for your Cloudbeds Payments transactions, you must have met the following qualifications within the calendar year for transaction processed through this merchant account:

  • Is based in the US or is a US taxpayer
  • Processed more than $20,000 on via your Cloudbeds Payments merchant account AND
  • Processed more than 200 transactions via credit card on via your Cloudbeds Payments merchant account

Businesses in Massachusetts that have processed more than $600 will receive a 1099-K. No transaction minimum applies.

If you have met the above criteria, a mailed via USPS, 1099-K form will be sent to your legal business address by January 31st of the following year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualified?

Reporting in your site can help you view your total income processed, fees, and sales tax details for any date range.

Here are helpful reports:

If you believe you should have received your copy based on the above criteria and have not or have any questions please email

I didn't meet the criteria for a 1099-K, but I still need to know how much I processed

For businesses that don't meet the above Payouts processing criteria in a calendar year to receive a 1099-K for Cloudbeds Payments transaction, you can surface your income information using the reporting resources listed above inside your Cloudbeds PMS.

Who can I speak with if I need help with my tax documents or tax reporting requirements?

You will need to speak with a tax advisor to help you file your taxes or if you have questions regarding tax reporting requirements.

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