Tax Report


In this article, we'll go through Tax Report:  this report is showing the amount of taxes/fees collected from the guests according to the taxes and fees created in Myfrontdesk

How to generate Tax Report

1) Choosing the date

The system allows to check past and present days

2) Select the tax/fee types

3) Applying Adjustments

Choose whether you want the system to display Adjustments for tax / fee or Single records without adjustments

4) Click 'Apply' button for the system to generate the report

Tax Report Overview

Now when you have the tax report generated you receive the following information on taxes/fees collected:

1) The total tax/fee amount for the selected date

2) Month to Date amount - tax/fee amount of the month up to the selected date

3) Year to Date amount - tax/fee amount of the year up to the selected date

You may also send the generated report by e-mail (4) or export it as PDF or XLS file (5)

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