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Cloudbeds Amplify - Performance Dashboard Overview


The Cloudbeds Amplify Performance Dashboard tracks how Cloudbeds Amplify is boosting your bookings by checking daily, weekly and monthly trends in direct reservations and revenue driven for your lodging business.

This article offers a general description of the Cloudbeds Amplify Dashboard within Cloudbeds PMS.


The Dashboard will show your Booked Revenue and Reservations report, as well as a list of all direct reservations in the Reservations Activity chart. 

See more details about these sections below.

Things to know:

  • The Reservations Activity section includes pending reservations as well as past reservations across all Cloudbeds Amplify channels. 
  • Reservations are shown with the total amount including taxes, fees, etc.
  • If a potential guest types in, and goes directly to the organic website, it is not taken into account for the Cloudbeds Amplify Dashboard. 

Access the Cloudbeds Amplify Performance Dashboard

  1. In your Cloudbeds account, click on the main Menu icon
  2. Click on Cloudbeds Amplify

Understanding the Dashboard

Booked Revenue and Reservations

The Cloudbeds Amplify Performance Dashboard will display the following metrics:

  1. Dates: Reservation dates booked. Select your date format (weekly, monthly, yearly, custom)
  2. Room Revenue: Room revenue generated
  3. Reservations: Number of reservations booked
  4. Chart type: Line chart, bar chart, restore to the default chart
  5. Compare to (Previous period, previous year): Choose the previous month, week, or even custom date range and compare with the exact previous period.
  6. Filters (Reservations by channel): See which channel reservations are coming from:
    • Ads - Includes Cloudbeds Amplify influenced bookings from metasearch, search engine marketing, and retargeting campaigns.
    • Organic - Bookings that come through the organic website link in search. These bookings are influenced by Cloudbeds Amplify channels, as our website is optimized for search engine visibility and drives organic traffic and bookings. You do not pay for organic reservations.
    • Booking Links - Bookings that came from free metasearch results (also referred to as Free Booking Links). You do not pay for these reservations.
  7. Print: Save or print the current dashboard view for your records
  8. Export: Export the dashboard data and save it on your computer. By clicking on this icon, the system will automatically download your data in an Excel file.
  9. Booked Revenue by Channel: This box will show the results per each main channel split among Ads, Organic, Booking Links. Only the revenue for the applicable channels will be displayed in this box.

View chart results grouped by day, week or month by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the dashboard, on top of the Chart type.

The chart will automatically set the interval (for example, days, weeks or months) according to the date range selected by the user in the date picker.

Apply Reservation Filters

  1. Click on the dashboard Filters
  2. Select the required channels/reservation sources
  3. Click on Apply
Reservations Activity
  • Reservation: An unique number to identify the reservation
  • Channels: See which sources your reservations are coming from (Ads, Organic)
  • Booked Date: The date when the reservation has been created
  • Guest Name: Guest's provided first and last name
  • Check-in: Guest's arrival date
  • Check-out: Guest's departure date
  • Status: Confirmed, Confirmation Pending, Canceled, In-House, Checked-Out, No-Show
  • Total Price: Grand reservation total

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