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Cloudbeds Single Sign-On (SSO)


Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that allows a user to log in with a single set of credentials (username and password) to multiple application and websites.

With Cloudbeds SSO you will be signed in automatically to other Cloudbeds platforms with the same credentials you use to access Cloudbeds PMS. You do not need to maintain separate logins and passwords.

We have implemented SSO to our Cloudbeds University and Cloudbeds Websites. See more information below.

Cloudbeds University

Access our Cloudbeds University directly from your Cloudbeds PMS account using the Get Help button, you will be redirected automatically without the need of registering and inputting other credentials.

Cloudbeds Websites

Access your Cloudbeds Websites editor with only one click, directly from your Cloudbeds PMS account. Go to the Cloudbeds Websites section under Cloudbeds Amplify and click Go to Website Editor.

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