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Taxes and Fees - How to create Taxes and Fees


This article shows the steps to follow to create your Taxes and Fees on Cloudbeds PMS.

See  Taxes and Fees - Available Types for more information about which types of taxes/fees can be setup for your property.

Create new Taxes and Fees

Creating a tax does not automatically apply it to room rates (this needs to be done separately). Learn how to Apply Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Click on Taxes and Fees
  3. Click on +New Tax or Fee
  1. Select whether you are adding a Tax or a Fee
  2. Set whether the tax/fee is for items or reservation. Check both boxes if it applies to more than one.
  3. Name the tax/fee
    • This is public facing and seen by guests on their reservation summary, invoice, and folio.
    • The text entered appears on your booking engine.
    • To translate the text to the language in which the guest is viewing the bookings page, enter the translation of this text for each language. Leaving it empty for that language will show the same text as your main application language.
  4. Code: Optional and for internal use. These are often issued by state or federal governments.
  5. How is your tax/fee calculated? Exclusive or Inclusive.
  6. If it is a Tax, the system displays an extra option which allows you to configure if this tax should be charged on top of any fees.
    • If YES, a Charged on box will appear. Use this to select which fees this tax will be added to.
    • If NO, no further action is required.
  7. Select the type of your Tax/Fee               
  8. Amount: Up to 5 decimal places are currently supported. (Example: 15.50511%)
  9. Click Save

The system does not allow configuring a Tax with rate of 0%.

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Taxes and Fees - Google Chrome

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