This article will help you find the answers to the most common questions about the channel.

What features does this channel support? supports:

  • Cancellations
  • Modifications
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Rate Plan Mapping
  • Close Day (Stop Sell)
  • Closed to Arrival
  • Closed to Departure
  • Credit Cards
  • Cutoff (Early booker or Minimum Advanced Booking)
  • Last-Minute Booking (Maximum Advanced Booking)
Is it possible to report No Show reservations to from Cloudbeds PMS?

Yes - You can report No Show back to, without leaving Cloudbeds system.

Check out this article for further details about this feature: How to report No Show reservations to the channels from Cloudbeds PMS.

Does send the actual number of guests for each booking?

ISSUE: When sends us a booking, they include a value for the "Occupancy" of the booking.  This value actually corresponds with the occupancy of the entire room - not necessarily the true number of guests that booked the room.

In this example, we have a booking for a 6 person private room.  

However, on the channel the guest actually specified the following information:

  • 2 Adults
  • 2 Children

What our channel manager received: Since this is a Private 6 person room, actually sent the number of occupants as 6 (full occupancy of the room) and not the actual number of the guest (4).

This is how the connection is designed and cannot be changed on our channel manager side. For further information on this topic please contact your Account Manager.

How to set different rate plans and per person pricing for

The following information is valid for specific users who use rate plans derivations (optional) in mapping and do not use Advanced Channel Rates. If you use, advanced channel rates, check how to configure and sync them to here.

How it works?

Cloudbeds PMS sends the standard rate (BAR) of your accommodations to Once your account is properly configured, you can create various rate plans based on the BAR. Since Cloudbeds PMS will only sync the standard rate, other rate plans should be derived from the BAR in the extranet, as well as the per person pricing.

Pricing per guest allows you to tailor your room or unit rate based on the number of guests staying in it. It's easy to set up and update directly on the Extranet. Follow the steps to enable it in this help guide: Setting up and updating pricing per guest

Rate plans derivations


  • Standard Rate: Managed by myfrontdesk (XML enabled)
  • Last Minute Rate: Standard rate -10% (restrictions applied)
  • Non-Refundable:  Standard rate -10€ (different policies)

When the rate plan is XML Enabled, it can be configured inside channel mapping in Cloudbeds PMS, however, the configuration can only be done by percentage (%) (e.g. 10% higher than the base rate) and not fixed amount (e.g. the base rate +10 USD).

If you'd like to set up the rate plan using the fixed amount, the rate plan has to be configured directly on extranet with further assistance of your account manager.

Guests are not able to approve the payment request, approval links are missing from the e-mail/chat

Background: Since Strong Customer Authentication was enforced for European customers/properties, chat system automatically removes the links necessary for the payment approval from the emails.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new requirement of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which aims to add extra layers of security to electronic payments, such as 3D Secure.


  1. For you to charge the card, the guest needs to approve the payment, but since the links are removed, you need to contact the guest, ask for their email address, change the email address on the credit card billing information, run the payment again, and then the guest has to approve it.
  2. To avoid such a situation for the future, you can switch to channel collect type of payment method.
  3. If previous solutions didn't work for you, you need to mark the credit card as invalid. This is the solution for the situation when credit card cannot be charged and the guest cannot be contacted. Here are the instructions on how to do it:
    How do I mark a credit card as invalid? This will notify that you cannot charge the card and will cancel the reservation.
Why did a closed room re-open on the extranet? has a setting called "Auto Replenish." This setting causes a room to open back up when a reservation has been cancelled, and it's totally independent of the channel manager and/or PMS.  

Reason: When a reservation is cancelled on the extranet by a guest, the channel will automatically open the room and rate for the dates that the booking had been previously booked under, even if those rooms/rates are closed by the channel manager.  This can lead to unexpected availability and thus could potentially cause an overbooking.

As per Support team, there are 2 types of "Auto Replenish":

  1. General auto-replenishment
    This option is integrated by default to all properties on and cannot be deactivated. Whenever a cancellation comes through, the room is put back on sale automatically to give the property another chance at reselling it.
  2. Auto-replenishment on closed rooms 
    This feature can be deactivated at the property level, however, the general auto-replenishment for cancellations will remain active. Deactivating this feature means that if the room/date is closed in red (stop sell), it will not be auto-replenished even if there are cancellations.


The first option above is normally enabled by default but is agreed on in the commercial agreement between the property and Account Manager. If you want to change this, please contact your Account Manager.

I closed my room for specific dates. Why do I still receive reservations for these dates from

REASON: Let's suppose that the property closed a specific room for three days in myfrontdesk.
On extranet the same room with Standard rate was closed for reservations as well.

However, you can see that there is still 1 availability for this room with a Non-refundable rate. Myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) only manages XML enabled rate plans. In this particular case, it is only the Standard rate.

That's the reason why availability wasn't closed for the Non-refundable rate, and the booking was allowed.

SOLUTION: There are 2 ways to fix it.

1. Manually manage availability for this rate plan on the extranet.

2. Contact your account manager and ask him/her to XML enable this rate plan. So both availability and rates are derived from the Standard rate and thus managed by the channel manager.

What is the difference between Channel Collect and Hotel Collect reservations? offers two methods of payment for their bookings:

  1. Channel Collect - handles guest's payments on behalf of your property. You will then get the payment via virtual credit cards (VCCs) or bank transfer from according to the agreement you have with the channel. If the payment method is VCC, the card will be included in the reservation and you can process it.
  2. Hotel Collect - you charge your guests directly. Your property is responsible to collect the payment from the guests. Depending on your policies on, you can charge your guest credit card (will be included in the reservation) or the guest will pay at your property in your local currency.

You can see which method was used by checking the Payment Type in the reservation details:

What are VCCs (virtual credit cards)?

VCCs are temporary, digital Mastercards that uses to pay you for bookings that your guests pay for on They function like regular credit cards and give you guaranteed payouts from They also save you time because you don't need to pre-authorize or validate them.

  • For every relevant booking you receive, send you a new VCC included in the guest's reservation.
  • Each VCC has a unique card number, expiration date, and card verification code (CVC), and these details will never be reused.
  • Each VCC comes with a balance available to be charged.
  • Each VCC also has an activation date when you can start charging the card.
  • To avoid any errors while processing the payment, it is important to charge the VCC within the period when the card is active and not more than the balance available.
How to check the VCC balance, activation, and expiration date?

With Payments Clarity feature, you can see the VCC balance, activation and expiration date in the Special Requests field on Cloudbeds PMS. Follow the steps below.

To avoid any errors while processing the payment, it is important to charge the VCC based on this information.

  • Current Balance: The available balance you can charge the VCC.
  • Activation Date: The first day you can charge the VCC. The activation date will vary from OTA to OTA. For, you can charge the VCC on the Day of Arrival.
  • Expiration Date: The last day you can charge the VCC. The expiration date will be 365 days after check-out date.
  1. Access the guest's reservation.
  2. Click Show More.
  1. You will see one of the messages below:
  1. You have received a virtual credit card for this reservation. You may charge it as of [activation date]. The virtual card expires on [expiration date]. You can charge the card [amount] until this expiration date.
  1. You have received a virtual credit card for this reservation. The virtual card has no funds. This is due to the reservation being a Risk-free Reservation where the guest has selected to 'Pay Later'.

More information about Risk-free Reservation on What is the Risk-Free Reservations programme and how does it work?

How to refund a transaction made on VCC (virtual card)? will help refund the guest on your behalf.

If you’ve already received money for the reservation, all you need to do is return that same amount back to the same virtual credit card.

Virtual credit cards can be refunded even if they have expired. If the expiry date is in the past, just enter the current month as the expiration date instead. will return the money to your guest.

I have Channel Collect method for but the reservation came without VCC - Why?

With Channel Collect you can get the payment via virtual credit cards (VCCs) or bank transfer from depending on the agreement you have with the channel.

If the payment method is VCC, the card will be included in the reservation and you can process it.

Otherwise, you should receive the payout via bank transfer from Contact your Account Manager for more information.

I have connected the rate plan in Cloudbeds PMS to but it is not shown in the commercial page, how to fix it?

Problem: The rate plan was correctly connected through Cloudbeds PMS to your account, but it is not visible on your commercial page, even though you can see it in your extranet account.

7ff2133f9db0268a0d6c4c109903cd1c4282972a.png (591×564) - Google Chrome

Solution: This can happen if your property is not verified by the relevant team. There will be certain restrictions on your property until it gets verification. Please, contact your channel account manager to fix it.

How to see restrictions on extranet calendar?

Reach out to your Local Support team and request to allow for viewing restrictions on the Calendar. For reference, the relevant internal setting is called Edit restriction rights.

Why MyAllocatorByCloudBeds was added as a user on my extranet?

When you select myallocator as your channel manager on, the username MyAllocatorByCloudBeds will be associated automatically to your account. This is an expected behavior. gives Cloudbeds limited access to property accounts to assist in troubleshooting connection issues between the two systems. The limited access means we are able to see:

  • Calendar & Availability
  • Property Details
  • Reservations
  • Connectivity Provider
  • Promotions

However, we do not have access to your account settings that might contain sensitive information (i.e, Change Password, Create and Manage Users, Notification Settings, Contacts, Contracts, Connected Applications, Security).

How do I remove this user?

Note that the majority of our customers maintain our user listed on their accounts and while we do not recommend to remove it, you can follow the instructions below to manage our user rights or completely have it removed from your account:

  1. Go to extranet and click on the Account icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select Create and manage users from the drop-down menu
  3. You'll see an overview of all users and their access rights
  4. Click on Manage to edit use rights or remove the user MyAllocatorByCloudBeds
  • Steps are taken from guideline on how to manage extranet logins.
  • If you disconnect MyAllocatorByCloudBeds user from your extranet, it will not affect your connectivity, however, it makes it hard for Cloudbeds support to troubleshoot any connection issues.
How to disconnect from Cloudbeds PMS?

The connection between Cloudbeds PMS and can only be controlled through your extranet. Cloudbeds support team cannot disconnect the channel manager from on your behalf. Follow the steps below to ensure the disconnection is complete.

Until this process is completed by the property, will continue to allow the channel manager to control your property's rates and availability.

1 - Disable in Cloudbeds PMS
  1. Access the Distribution page
  2. Under My channels, click to edit on the three dots menu
  3. Click to disable channel
  4. Confirm
2 - Disconnect Cloudbeds in

Login to your extranet,

  1. Click on the Account icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. Choose Connectivity Provider from the drop-down
  3. Click on Disconnect

Follow the rest of the instructions and if you have further questions about extranet, reach out to support team directly.

Classic Savannah Apartment on Harris at Bull · - Google Chrome
Classic Savannah Apartment on Harris at Bull · Connection active - Google Chrome
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