Close Cash Drawer and generate a cashier's report

This article explains how to close a Cash Drawer and generate a Cashier's Report in Cloudbeds PMS.

This option will only be available when you have an open cash drawer and can be performed  at any time. learn how to Open a Cash Drawer. Learn more here.


There are several requirements/steps to complete when closing a cash drawer:

  • Drawer Balance: This is the current cash amount in the drawer, before any withdrawals at the end of shift. Once the user adds the drawer balance, the system will display the system balance (normally, the drawer and system balances need to match)
  • Cash Drop: Enter the amount you are withdrawing from the ending balance. This amount will be removed from the starting balance the next time this drawer is opened.
  • Summary: Review your cash drawer transactions. You can also print the summary, if needed.
Step 1 - Add drawer balance
  1. In the Main menu, click on the Cash Drawer feature and select Close Cash Drawer
  2. Select the Cash Drawer to close
  3. Add the Drawer Balance
  4. Add notes, if needed
  5. Click on Continue
Step 2 - Add cash drop
  1. Add the Cash Drop amount
  2. Review or edit your notes
  3. Click on Continue

Ending Shift Balance: It will be equal to the starting balance next time this drawer is opened.

Step 3 - Review Cash Drawer summary
  1. Review your Cash Drawer summary
  2. Click to Close Drawer
  • Click on the print icon to print your Cash Drawer Summary.
  • Cashier = User's name
  • Shift ID = Cashier Report number
  1. The users which are set as recipients in the System Preferences will receive an e-mail with a Drawer Closure Summary, once it is closed. By clicking on View Report, the system will automatically take the user to the Cashier Report:

You can access past cashiers reports from the Reports tab, if needed.

If the user tries to log out without closing an open cash drawer, the system will display the following warning: You're attempting to log out and you still have a cash drawer open.

The user may choose the following options:

  • Close cash drawer: The system will offer you the same steps of closing cash drawer as you could see above.
  • Proceed without closing cash drawer: When the user logs out the cash drawer will remain open when the user logs in again.
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