How to Block Room Availability


In this article, we will review the existing types of blocks and their functionality.

Ways to block availability for all Channels and Direct reservations

The following options will close availability for the below distribution types:

  • All connected channels
  • Website (mybookings)
  • Manual reservations within the system

Availability Matrix

Option 1 - Long-Term Intervals

Use this option to block various accommodations for long periods of time.

1.  Access the 'Rates and Availability' tab > 'Availability Matrix'

2. Click on '+ Long-Term Interval'

3. Select the accommodation(s) you wish to block

4. Insert the start and end date of the block

5. Select the day(s) of the week that in which you wish to apply the block

6. In the 'Interval Settings', select 'Accommodation Blocked'

7. To the side, switch the Accommodation Blocked toggle to 'Yes'

8. Click on 'Add Interval'

9. Click on 'Save'

To undo these changes, follow the step-by-step process above, however, on Step 7 switch Accommodation Blocked toggle to 'No'.

Option 2 - Short-Term Intervals

Use this option to set a block for a short period of time. 

1. Access the 'Rates and Availability' tab > 'Availability Matrix'

2. Make sure that 'Accommodation Blocked' is checked in the 'Display Options' menu

3. Find the room you wish to block dates for and check the dates you want to close in the 'Accommodation Blocked' row.

4. Click on 'Save'

Checked boxes will turn blue to remind you which ones you have already selected.


This method allows you to block specific rooms/beds in the calendar without closing the entire room type.

  • This is the only way you can block a specific unit of a room type.
  • This type of block will reduce your availability in the channels, booking engine and other direct reservations. 

1. Find the unit that you want to block

2. Click on the start date of the block

3. Click on the end date of the block. As soon as you click on it, a yellow block will appear on top of the selected period with the suggested options.

4. Select whether you want to close the room as 'Blocked' or 'Out of Service'

Option 1 - Blocked Dates

After selecting the 'Blocked Dates' option you will then be prompted to:

1. Confirm the dates

2. Confirm the accommodations that will be blocked

3. Provide the reason for the block which will serve for internal use only

4. Save the changes made


The block with the (internal) block description will appear in gray on the Calendar.

Option 2 - Out of Service

Selecting the 'Out of Service' option is similar to using the 'Blocked Dates' option, but will create a Red stripe on the calendar instead of gray. To create the block, you will follow the same steps listed in 'Option 1' above. 

Blocking Availability for Specific Channels Only

Distribution Channel Closeouts

If you wish to close the availability for specific channels, but you still want to have inventory on your booking engine and within myfrontdesk for direct bookings, you can use the 'Closeouts' option.

For an in-depth guide about this topic, please visit this article.

To select the channels, rooms, and dates that you wish to block, follow these steps:

1. Click 'Manage'

2. Select 'Closeout' from the left menu

3. Click on the 'New Date Range'

4. Select the start and end date for your block

5. Select which channels in which this block will be applied

6. Choose which rooms you wish to close

7. Save your changes

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