Distribution Channel Closeouts


Have dates that you want to block on the OTAs for a specific period and specific room types?  This article will walk you through the steps to stop selling the inventory on the channels selected.

Adding a closeout using the steps below will ONLY close inventory on the selected channels. You will still have inventory on your booking engine and within the myfrontdesk system (for direct bookings).

Creating and Editing Closeout

1. Click on Settings gear icon
2. Go to Channel Distribution section and click on 'Closeouts '
3. Click '+ New Date Range' button

In new window
4. Set start and end date for closeout period
5. Select the channels to be closed
Please note, you may only create closeouts for channels that are active in myallocator (fully set up on 'Channels' page). Make sure you have the necessary channel connected properly before creating closeout.
6. Select the room types to be blocked
7. Click 'Save' to add the closeout interval

Now the closeout and its details will be displayed on the Closeout page.

You may click the gear icon next to it and:
8. Edit closeout
9. Delete closeout

You may add several closeouts for different periods, channels and rooms (for example, for low and high seasons).

10. Just click '+New Date Range' and repeat the steps above.

Closeouts: Frequently Asked Questions

I have edited a closeout, but the room is still blocked/not blocked on the channel

As a normal behavior the changes done to closeouts are sent automatically to the channels, otherwise this is a bug. If you face such an issue - please try to perform a Full Refresh to send the updates to the channels and report the problem to us at support@cloudbeds.com.

Is it possible to track the changes made to closeouts?

Yes, you need to go to 'Activity Log' and select the needed filter under 'Change Made':

-Distribution Block Created: shows when closeout has been created ;
-Distribution Block Modified: tracks whether the channels, date range or accommodations have been modified in closeout;
-Distribution Block Removed: shows when the closeout was deleted.

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