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Calendar - How to Create and Edit a Courtesy Hold


Courtesy Hold is a type of block which holds certain accommodation for specific number of days/hours for a guest. You may create a courtesy hold on calendar and convert it into a reservation in case the guest has confirmed the hold.

The system will automatically remove the courtesy holds where the check-in date is already in the past. This will happen regardless of the length of the hold.
E.g. A room hold is created with the following conditions:

  • Creation date: 27-04-2021
  • Check-in date: 27-04-2021
  • Check-out date: 03-05-2021
  • Length of hold: 3 days

If the courtesy hold is not confirmed before the 27th is over, the system would release the hold on the 28th at 0:00.

Create the Courtesy Hold

Access your Calendar

Option 1

  1. Click on the [+] sign on the calendar
  2. Select Courtesy Hold

Option 2

  1. Click on check-in and check-out dates of possible future reservation next to the room to be blocked
  2. Select Courtesy Hold
  1. Fill in the courtesy hold details. Enter/Select the following details:
    • Start and end date of the hold
    • Accommodation to be blocked - if creating block directly on calendar, the accommodation will be selected beforehand
    • Guest's First and Last Name
    • Length of hold and its format - If you enter 2 and select format in days - the block on calendar will be hold for 2 days
    • Enter the guest's contact details: email and phone

Holding a room will remove that accommodation from available inventory for the length of time you allotted. Once the time has passed, the hold will release and your room inventory will be available for booking.  

Click SAVE to save the courtesy hold

The hold will be displayed on calendar in dark blue color as shown below.
Drag and drop to move the hold to another accommodations or rooms like any other confirmed reservation.

Confirm, Cancel or Edit the Courtesy Hold

By clicking on the hold you may:

  1. Confirm and convert the hold into a reservation
    • Once you click on Confirm Reservation, you'll be redirected to the New Reservation page where you may start creating booking for guest holding a room
  2. Cancel the hold
    • Will remove the hold from calendar and release your inventory for sell
  3. Edit the hold
    • Will open a window to change any details of the hold
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