Connecting Airbnb API to myfrontdesk


We are glad to announce the Airbnb and Cloudbeds 2-Way API Integration!

This includes:

  1. Full sync between myfrontdesk and Airbnb listings. We will automatically update your
    • rates
    • availability
    • restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos etc.)
    • cancellations
    • modifications
  2. The sync provides an instant connection to your Airbnb listing(s)
  3. Support of sync for room types with multiple units of availability 
  4. Support for Discounts, Pricing Rules, Availability Rules, and Taxes/Fees

Note: Smart Pricing is not supported when connected to Airbnb via their API connection as rates are set directly within myfrontdesk.

Before Making the Connection

Make sure that:

  • Your listing(s) status is "Listed" on the Airbnb extranet (the sync will not work if the listing is not active/listed on Airbnb)
  • The rooms setup in myallocator and Airbnb match (room occupancy, room type).
  • The currencies and the default property time zone setup in myallocator and Airbnb match
  • You are not connected to another Channel Manager.  If you are, go to your Airbnb extranet > Account > Privacy & Sharing> Connected Apps > click on Remove Access

For additional information or if you run into problems, please read the following articles:

Airbnb API Connection Guide
Step 1: Enabling / Authorizing Airbnb API on 'Channels' page in myfrontdesk
  1. By default Airbnb (API) channel is in status 'Not setup' for all the properties. Go ahead and click on 'Not Setup'
  2. Click on Next to authorize Airbnb

Authorize Cloudbeds to manage your Airbnb listings

Now you need to authorize myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) to manage your Airbnb listings:

3. Enter Airbnb listing's owner login and password (not the co-host's credentials). If you still see an error - please log out from all the Airbnb accounts in your browser(s) and authorize again.
4. Agree with the Airbnb terms and conditions and confirm that you authorize myallocator clicking 'Allow'

If you connect one Airbnb account to several myfrontdesk accounts - you will see a yellow alert, you can ignore it and proceed with authorization

  • Make sure that the currency which is set in myfrontdesk for AirBnb channel and the currency for each listing on the Airbnb extranet are the same, Otherwise there will be an error in the connection and we won't be able to update the pricing on the channel.
  • Make sure that your default property time zone on myfrontdesk and Airbnb extranet are the same
Step 2: Mapping process

Airbnb API mapping process is very much alike the mapping process for the common channels like or Expedia. You will need to:

1) link each of your myallocator room types with the corresponding Airbnb listings.

2) click 'Update' in order to configure your listing details for each of your listing (for more details on this, please refer to 'Step 3: Set Up/Edit Room Configuration Details')

The mapping process may differ depending on the room setup that you have on Airbnb (individual listings, room types, dorms). See the mapping guide for different scenarios below.

If you manage multiple properties under the same myfrontdesk login, you will see the warning message below, you can ignore it and move forward.

Step 2.1: Mapping individual Airbnb listings with individual myfrontdesk accommodations

This mapping type suits you if you have 1 myfrontdesk room type with 1 room in it which corresponds to 1 Airbnb listing.

Select the Airbnb listing from dropdown so it corresponds with myfrontdesk room type.

Step 2.2: Mapping several Airbnb listings of the same type to myfrontdesk room type

If you have one myfrontdesk room type with several units and 1 listing on Airbnb - you can simply map it with the corresponding myfrontdesk room type.

But if you sell room types in myfrontdesk and several individual listings in Airbnb each corresponding to a specific unit - you can map your myfrontdesk room type to any of corresponding listing on Airbnb (if these Airbnb listings totally match between each other in settings and description).


In myfrontdesk, you have Deluxe Studio (room type) with 5 units: Studio 1, Studio 2...

On Airbnb, you have 5 separate listings and these rooms have the same settings and description: Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3...

On room mapping step you will be able to map only 1 listing to your room type - so how can this be done?

1) go to Airbnb Extranet and keep only 1 listing of the same type in status 'Listed' (all the rest of the listings of this type should be 'Unlisted')

2) in myfrontdesk room mapping page, link the room type to the listing with 'listed' status on Airbnb:

3) after Full Refresh myfrontdesk will send the rates and availability to the mapped listing.

If myfrontdesk room type will have availability (no matter how many rooms) > the listing will be bookable on Airbnb

If myfrontdesk room type will have no availability > the listed will be not bookable on Airbnb

Step 2.3: Mapping dorm beds on Airbnb with myfrontdesk shared rooms (dorm beds)

Scenario A) If you have shared room type with 8 Beds on myfrontdesk and 1 shared listing on Airbnb that corresponds to the room type that you sell on myfrontdesk - you can simply map the myfrontdesk room type to an Airbnb listing. Your guests will be able to take multiple bed/room bookings from Airbnb

You do not need to create additional listings on Airbnb.

Scenario B) Let's suppose that you have 1 shared room type with 2 units with 2 Beds each in myfrontdesk - in such case, if you already have 1 listing on Airbnb for this corresponding shared room that you sell on myfrontdesk, you do not need to create additional listings.

But if on Airbnb you have several listings each of them representing a dorm bed in one shared room and you need to map them into 1 shared room (room type) in myfrontdesk - this is how you can do that:

Step 1. Keep only one Airbnb listing representing dorm bed in status 'Listed'

1) BEFORE mapping in myfrontdesk, go to Airbnb > open your Listings > among all the listings representing dorm bed from 1 shared room keep only the one listing in status 'Listed'. All the rest of the beds from the shared room should be in status 'Unlisted'

2) go to the listing which is in status 'Listed' > open 'Listing Details' > 'Rooms and Guests' > Edit

Set the total number of beds in the dorm for the fields "Beds" and "Guests". In the example below its 4 beds

Step 2. Map the listing to myfrontdesk shared room

Go to myfrontdesk > Channels > Airbnb API > map the shared room type in myfrontdesk with the listing on Airbnb:

If you receive an error during the mapping steps - please consult this article: Errors during Airbnb API mapping process and issues after connection

If you can't resolve the error - please contact our Support team at

Step 3: Set Up/Edit Room Configuration Details

After you click on the 'Update' button, you will be directed to the following page with two options. The options are:

1) Import settings from Airbnb extranet (recommended): if you have previously set discounts, pricing rules, availability rules, taxes/fees on the Airbnb extranet, you can quickly import these settings by selecting this option.

2) Use settings in this system: please select this option if you wish to overwrite your Airbnb extranet settings with new values from myfrontdesk.

Once you've clicked on your preferred option above, you will be redirected to 'Room Export' page.

1. Availability Rules

  • Advance Notice:
    • Guests can book: this option allows you to have your calendar automatically block off same-day requests or other options.
    • Allow guests to send reservations requests without advance notice: this option allows you to choose whether you want to allow guests to send reservations requests without advance notice or not.
  • Availability Window: this determines which dates are automatically blocked or available. For example, if you let guests book 3 months ahead of time, then dates beyond those 3 months will be blocked, and dates within those 3 months will be available. The availability window moves forward every day, so as time passes new dates will automatically become available.  
  • Minimum Length of Stay (in nights): this option allows you to input the minimum length of stay that will apply to all days of the week for your listing.
  • Days of week allowed for Check In: this option allows you to to set days of the week guests can check in.
  • Preparation Time: this option allows you to set a preparation time between guest stays. Your options include either "No preparation time", "1 night before and after each reservation blocked", or "2 nights before and after each reservation blocked."
  • Maximum Length of Stay (in nights): this option allows you to input the maximum length of stay for your listing.
  • Days of week allowed for Check Out: this option allows you to to set days of the week guests can check out.
  • Minimum stay by day of week: this option allows you to input the minimum length of stay for each day of the week.

2. Price Settings

  • General
    • Listing Currency: please input your listing currency
    • Listing Base Nightly Price: if you chose to import Airbnb settings, please leave this number as it is. If you chose to use settings in myfrontdesk, please enter your standard/base rate. Please note that this is NOT the rate for your listing. Your listing rates will be the rates you have set up in myfrontdesk (with adjustments in the mapping page if set up).
    • Weekend Pricing: this nightly price will replace your myfrontdesk rate for every Friday and Saturday.
  • Length of Stay Discounts
    • Weekly Discounts %: please add (if applicable) this discount in a percentage amount.
    • Monthly Discounts %: please add (if applicable) this discount in a percentage amount.
  • Extra Guest Pricing
    • Number of Guests included in price: please input how many guests are included in the price.
    • Extra person fee (per night): please add (if applicable) this fee in a fixed amount.
  • Standard Fees
    • Security Deposit: please add (if applicable) this fee in a fixed amount.
    • Cleaning Fee: please add (if applicable) this fee in a fixed amount.
  • Other Fees: for each of the listed fees, you can input either a percentage or a fixed amount.

3. Pass Through Taxes

  • Taxes
    • Tax Type: your options include "hotel tax", "lodging tax", "room tax", "sales occupancy tax", "tourism assessment fee", "tourist tax", "transient occupancy tax", and "VAT GST".
    • Amount Type: your options include "flat per guest", "flat per guest per night", and "percent per reservation".
    • Business Tax ID: your tax ID is a unique number relating directly to your business.
    • Registration ID: this is your accommodations tax registration number, which is the unique number you were assigned by your local taxing jurisdiction.
    • Amount: please input your tax amount.
    • Long Term Stay Exemption:
      • "A booking may be eligible for a long-term stay exemption if it meets certain qualifications. What qualifies as a long-term stay depends on the jurisdiction the listing is in. For example:
      • Jurisdiction X - a booking greater than 30 days isn’t taxed
      • Jurisdiction Y - a booking greater than 45 days isn’t taxed
      • Jurisdiction Z - for bookings greater than 30 days, taxes only apply to the first 30 days
      • Check with your local tax authority to find out more information on your jurisdiction’s long-term stay exemption." - How do I add custom taxes to my listings?
  • Confirmation: if you have any taxes listed, you will need to click on the confirmation box before you click 'Save and Sync'.

These taxes will not be applied to the rates myfrontdesk sends to Airbnb. Airbnb will take these values and apply them to the bookings as they come in.

Example: Suppose your room rate (on your availability page) is $100.00 and you have configured a 10% tax. Myfrontdesk sends rate of $100 to Airbnb. Airbnb shows rate of $100.00 to your guests. Once a guest books, Airbnb automatically adds $10.00 (the 10% tax) to the booking total, and sends both values ($100.00 for room revenue and $10.00 for taxes) to myfrontdesk.

4. Pricing Rules & Discounts

  • Pricing Rules
    • Rule Type: your options include "booking ahead" (minimum days ahead), "last-minute booking" (maximum days ahead), "long term stay" (nights), and "seasonal".
    • Price Change: please input your discount amount.
    • Price Change Type: your options are "percent" or "absolute."
    • Days/Nights Threshold: please input the number of days/nights threshold for the discount you're adding.
    • For Check-In Dates: please input the date range for the discount you're adding.

Airbnb only accepts one discount value for any specific date. Therefore, if you have multiple discounts set up, myfrontdesk will apply the discount that results in the highest price. Please note that percent-based discounts will override fixed amount discounts.

Example 1: room rate is $100, available discounts are: 30% discount and $25 off discount.

  • 30% discount results in a new room rate of $70
  • $25 discount results in a new room rate of $75

However, since percent-based discounts overrides fixed amount discounts, myfrontdesk will send the rate of $70 to Airbnb (even though the fixed amount discount results in a higher room rate).

Example 2: room rate is $100, available discounts are: 30% discount and 20% discount.

  • 30% discount results in a new room rate of $70
  • 20% discount results in a new room rate of $80

In this case, myfrontdesk will send the rate of $80 to Airbnb (since it's the higher rate).

5. Click on 'Save and Sync'

6) Click 'Next' once all the listings are mapped and updated.

Once you click on 'Next', if you see a warning message on the top of the page saying that some rooms are left unmapped, go ahead and click OK to move forward.

Step 4: Base Rate Adjustment

Here you can enter a discount or an increase in your base rate for all room types mapped if needed

For example, if you want Airbnb channel to have a 5% rate discount compared to other channels, you would enter - 5% for each room.  The same applies for higher rates.

The Rate Differences can be set in a Percentage Amount or a Fixed Currency Amount.

For more info please check this article: Base Rate Adjustment or How to Send Different Rates to Channels

Step 5: Send Full Refresh

This is the last screen of the mapping process: here you can see all the features supported in the connection between myfrontdesk and Airbnb API.

Send Full Refresh on the 'Channels' page by clicking 'Full Refresh' button

Step 6. The sync is established!

On Channels page, you will see Airbnb (API) channel status is 'Enabled':

You can return to mapping page any time to edit the room mapping or add base rates adjustment. On room mapping screen you will see which rooms are already mapped:

After completing the connection, you will notice that the ‘Sync Status’ on Airbnb extranet will display as ‘Limited’ - this is normal, it means myallocator will not override your pictures, descriptions - myallocator updates only your rates and availability.

Step 7. Double check the accuracy of rates and availability sent to Airbnb

Now when your rates and availability in Airbnb are controlled by myfrontdesk, it's important to make sure that the rates and availability are correct on the channel.

To preview Airbnb listing, its prices and availability (as your guest will see it), follow the steps below:

1) log in to Airbnb Extranet and go to 'Listings'

2) open the listing that you want to check and click 'Preview listing'

3) on new page you will see a header 'Preview mode'

4) select the dates of stay and number of guests

Check the rates and availability accuracy, they should match base rates and availability on myfrontdesk for the selected room type (listing)

Step 8. Add tax/fee or commission if applicable

1. Go to Reservation Sources page in myfrontdesk

2. Open 'Third Party Sources' tab

3. Add Airbnb API as new source (if not yet added) and apply fee and/or tax for reservations from Airbnb if needed

4. Click SAVE

Now the taxes/fees applicable will automatically be added to Airbnb reservations (API connection)

Step 9. Disable Airbnb iCal connection (if iCal was connected)

If you have Airbnb iCal connection active - you need to disable it.1) go to Channels

2) go to Airbnb (iCal)

3) delete all the links

4) go back to the channel and remove the checkmark

Possible errors during connection

If you face any errors during the connection - please refer to this article Errors during Airbnb API mapping process and issues after connection or contact our Support team at

How do I stop the sync between myfrontdesk and Airbnb listing?

Stop Listings sync only

There could be possible reasons why you'd like to stop sync between Airbnb listing and myfrontdesk:

  • information in Airbnb after sync is incorrect
  • some settings are not editable

To stop the sync between Airbnb listing and myfrontdesk

1) go to Airbnb Extranet and open Listings tab

2) click 'Cloudbeds' (MyAllocator)

3) click the three dots menu next to listing

4) click 'Stop sync'

After that - please contact our support team at to disconnect myallocator from Airbnb API on our side.

Note that both steps must be done (disconnect Airbnb API on our side and also on Airbnb extranet) - Stopping the connection on myallocator only, will not stop the sync with Airbnb.

Disconnect the whole account

If for some reason you need to disconnect the whole Airbnb API account, please follow the steps below.

After this process, you should be able to edit everything at the extranet as normal without having to contact Airbnb support team.

1) go to Airbnb Extranet and click on "Account" tab

2) Click on Privacy & Sharing section

3) scroll down to Connected Apps

4) and click to remove access next to Cloudbeds (Myallocator)

Support Contact Details:

We are always here for you! In case you need any assistance with connecting Airbnb to myfrontdesk - feel free to reach out to our dedicated team:

  • Cloudbeds Support Team:

You can also contact Airbnb team in case you need help with making changes on your Airbnb account:

Have more questions? Contact Support


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