How to Connect Airbnb API to myfrontdesk


This article will guide you on how to connect Airbnb API channel to myfrontdesk.

The API connection includes:

  1. Full sync between myfrontdesk and Airbnb listings. We will automatically update your rates, availability, restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos etc.), cancellations and modifications
  2. The sync provides an instant connection to your Airbnb listing(s)
  3. Support of sync for room types with multiple units
  4. Support for Discounts, Pricing Rules, Availability Rules, and Taxes/Fees

Smart Pricing is not supported when connected to Airbnb via the API connection due to how pricing works when using a management system. The Airbnb Smart Pricing is an algorithm that attempts to modulate the price during busy and slow seasons to maximize revenue while also keeping prices attractive for customers.

When connected to a system like Cloudbeds, that pricing methodology is no longer applicable because we are setting all of the pricing.

Before Making the Connection

Make sure that:

  1. Your listing(s) status is Listed on the Airbnb extranet (the sync will not work if the listing is not active/listed on Airbnb)
  2. The room configurations (room occupancy & room type) in myfrontdesk and Airbnb match
  3. The currency settings in myfrontdesk and Airbnb the same currency.
  4. The default property time zone in myfrontdesk and Airbnb match
  5. You are not connected to another Channel Manager.  If you are, go to your Airbnb extranet > Account > Privacy & Sharing> Connected Apps > click on Remove Access.

For more information on how to onboard to Airbnb, click here.

For additional information, please refer to Airbnb API and Minimum Requirements.

Airbnb API Connection Guide

Step 1 - Enable / Authorize Airbnb API on myfrontdesk

Before start the mapping process, be sure to be logged in the Listing Owner account in the extranet. All other users (such as, co-hosts and hosting team) will be unable to connect the channel to myfrontdesk. If you have any doubts regarding your user, check this Airbnb article: What is a primary host?

  1. By default, Airbnb (API) channel is in status Not setup for all the properties. Go ahead and click on Not Setup
  2. Click on Next to authorize Airbnb

Authorize myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) to manage your Airbnb listings

  1. Enter Airbnb listing's owner login and password (not the co-host's credentials). If you still see an error - please log out from all the Airbnb accounts in your browser(s) and authorize again.
  1. Agree with the Airbnb Terms and Conditions and confirm that you authorize myfrontdesk by clicking on Allow
Step 2 - Mapping process
  1. Link each of your myfrontdesk room types with the corresponding Airbnb listings in the drop-down menu

The mapping should be one-to-one , do not link one room type with multiple listings or vice-versa.

The mapping process may differ depending on the room setup that you have on Airbnb (individual listings, room types, dorms). If you have doubts, check the mapping guide for your scenario below:

  1. Click on Update in order to configure the details for each of your Airbnb listings

If you manage multiple properties under the same myfrontdesk login, you will see the warning message below, you can ignore it and move forward.

If you receive an error during the mapping steps - please consult this article: Errors during Airbnb API mapping process and issues after connection

If you can't resolve the error - please contact our support team

Step 3 - Set Up/Edit Room Configuration Details

Once you click on the Update button, you will be directed to the following page with two options:

  1. Import settings from Airbnb extranet (recommended): if you have previously set discounts, pricing rules, availability rules, taxes/fees on the Airbnb extranet, you can quickly import these settings by selecting this option
  2. Use settings in this system: select this option if you wish to overwrite your Airbnb extranet settings with new values from myfrontdesk.

You will be redirected to the Room Export page where you can edit the listing details or review them. If you need further details on each topic presented, check this article.

  1. Click on Save and Sync
  1. Click on Next once all the listings are mapped and updated

Once you click on Next, if you see a warning message on the top of the page saying that some rooms are left unmapped, go ahead and click on OK to move forward

Step 4 - Base Rate Adjustment

If needed, add a base rate adjustment in percentage or fixed amount in this page.

For more information on how rate adjustments work, check this article: Base Rate Adjustment or How to Send Different Rates to Channels

Step 5 - Send a Full Refresh

Once you finish mapping Airbnb API, it is very important to send a Full Refresh on the top right corner of the Channels page to force an update to the channel

You can return to mapping page any time to edit the room mapping or add base rates adjustment. On the room mapping screen you can see which rooms are already mapped by checking the alert warnings (red or green) next to each room:

After Completing the Connection

  1. Double-check the accuracy of rates and availability sent to Airbnb by checking your Airbnb listing calendar and simulating a reservation as a guest.
  2. Add the taxes/fees or commission, if applicable, to Airbnb API in myfrontdesk Reservation Sources
  3. Disable the Airbnb iCal connection (if the iCal was previously connected) to avoid conflicting updates to your Airbnb account

In case you need more information about Airbnb API, visit our Airbnb API - Frequently Asked Questions page.

We are always here for you! If you need any assistance with connecting Airbnb to myfrontdesk - reach out to our dedicated team:

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You can also contact Airbnb team in case you need help with making changes on your Airbnb account:

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