Set up guest status, disallow guests and merge guest profiles

This article explains how to manage guests and guest profiles in Cloudbeds PMS. You will find an overview about how to set up guest status, how to disallow a guest, merge guest profiles and more.


The Guests page within Cloudbeds PMS allows you to view, manage and organize guest information in an easy and effective way. Learn how to:

Set up guest status

Guest Status are used to create different categories of guests, which are then displayed in both the Guest section and any reservations involving the customer in your system. Some examples would be for VIP, AAA Member, or even if you've disallowed them.

Things to note:

  • Guest status is designed to be an internal reference for your staff and does not change or affect any reservations or the booking engine. 
  • Applying a disallowed status to a guest does not prevent the guest from creating a reservation

To set up Guest Status:

  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page and click on the Guests page
  2. Click on Guest Status
  3. Click +Add
  1. Add the Status Name
  2. Add a Description (optional)
  3. Click Save
  4. Review your new Guest Status
  • The Guest Status will be also displayed next to the guest's email address, when adding the guest details while creating a new reservation.
  • Delete or disable/enable this status any time on Guest Status page, by clicking on the toggle/pencil icon next to the guest status.

Once you have created a guest status, it can be useful to:

  • Assign a specific status to a customer inside the reservation
  • Filter guests (by Guest Status) in the Guests tab.
How to disallow a guest

Disallowing a guest in Cloudbeds PMS means to put an internal status that shows up when you add a reservation manually, with a previous guest or view the reservation.

Things to note:

  • This feature works only for manual reservations. If the guest books through other sources like the booking engine or connected channels like, the system will not recognize their profile (even if the guest books with the same email, name, and surname as the guest you have disallowed before). This means that the guest status needs to be applied manually.
  • At the moment, the system can't prevent a guest with this status to make a booking. Check internally if you will accept the reservation or not, contact the guest and refund the deposit if needed.
  • is the only channel that allows properties to report guest misconduct from within Cloudbeds PMS to block the guest from making a reservation at your property on in the future. Check the following article for further details: How to report Guest Misconduct to from  Cloudbeds PMS
Step 1 - Create the new Guest Status
  1. Follow the steps described in this section, and enter the corresponding guest status in the Status Name section. For example, Disallowed.
  2. Continue adding a description, if needed, and save your changes.
Step 2 - Apply the new guest status to the guest

Option 1 - Via the guest's reservation

  1. Look for the corresponding guest and access their reservation
  2. Open the reservation and click on the Disallowed status from the drop-down menu

Option 2 - Via the Guests tab

  1. Click to the Main menu and go to the Guests tab to look for the corresponding guest
  2. Select the Disallowed status in the Guest Status drop-down menu

Learn more about the Guests tab.

Step 3 (Optional) - Apply the Guest Status automatically to Manual Reservations

When adding a new manual reservation within Cloudbeds PMS for the same guest, make sure to use the same First Name. The system will display a drop-down menu with all previous guests.

Once the correct profile is selected, the guest status will be applied automatically.

Merge guest profiles

The Guest Profile page includes all of your customer's data such as revenue, personal details, notes, and any documents that you have attached to a specific guest. It is possible to choose to create a new guest profile, or pick an existing profile to attach to the reservation when it is manually created.

Sometimes, guests' repeat visits lead to duplicate guest profiles on your system. Now, you have the option to merge these profiles to clean up your data base.

To merge guest profiles:

  1. Go to the Main menu and click on Guests
  2. Search by the guest name (if you already know which guest profile you need to merge), or click on Filter Duplicates by Email checkbox
  • The Filter Duplicates by Email option will search for all occurrences of guests where there is more than one repeated email.
  • The system will only search for all occurrences of guests where there is more than one repeated email address.
  • You are allowed to merge 10 guests profiles at a time
  1. Select the desired profiles
  2. Click on Merge Guests

On the right side, a modal will be displayed:

  1. Check and select the details you want to keep for the merged guest profile.
  2. If you have set up Custom Fields, click on the this option to select the ones to merge and select the corresponding fields
  3. Click on Preview and Confirm
  1. Confirm the accuracy of merged guest details and:
    1. Click Save to proceed and merge the profiles, or
    2. Click on Guest Details/Custom Fields to return to the previous step to update information
  2. Once you confirm, the system will display a notification on the left side saying that the guests were successfully merged. Click on View new guest profile to check the new guest profile.

To review merged guests changes, visit the user's Activity Log and select Guests > Guest Merged in the Change Made drop-down menu.

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