How to Set Up Payment Processing on Cloudbeds PMS

Payment Processing (also known as Payment Gateway) automates payment transactions between you and your guests and allows properties to process, verify, and accept/decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secured internet connections.

If you are using Cloudbeds Payments, refer to Cloudbeds Payments - Everything you need to know

Before starting

  • To verify the legitimacy of your guests' credit cards and collect the payments immediately through Cloudbeds PMS, you must sign up with one of the payment processing companies integrated with Cloudbeds. List of payment processors that connect and transfer funds directly to your bank account: Payment Processing Currently Supported
  • Terminals can only be connected to Cloudbeds PMS if you have Cloudbeds Payments enabled.
Connect your payment gateway
  1. Click Account.
  2. Select Settings.
  1. Under the Property Configuration, select Payment Options
  2. You will be on the Credit Card tab.
  3. Under Payment Gateway section, turn on the toggle to Activate the gateway.
  4. Choose Live mode.

The Live/Test toggle will be displayed only when you are connecting the payment gateway for the first time.

When the button is set to TEST, it can be changed to LIVE, but once it's LIVE it cannot be changed back to TEST.

After refreshing the page, this button will disappear.

  1. A drop-down with a list of payment gateways will be displayed underneath (along with authentication fields). Select  your payment gateway.
  2. Enter your payment gateway credentials.

The required authentication fields are different for each payment gateway. It can be found within the account setting of your gateway and by contacting your payment gateway's support team.

Example: Elavon requires SSL Merchant ID, User ID, and PIN.

  1. Click Connect Gateway.

If the information entered does not meet the required field you will receive the below error. Make sure to input the correct credentials.

When the credentials are correct, the system will show the payment gateway as Verified. It means that the credentials met with the required data fields, but you still need to test the gateway to ensure the connection is complete.

Billing address requirements

It can be advantageous to include the credit card billing address for payment processing purposes. When possible, Cloudbeds will capture the billing address for your guest's credit cards.

This setup only applies to direct bookings.

If a channel/OTA sends the credit card information to Cloudbeds PMS, the system will display the exact credit card data they sent to us. We cannot force or require a channel to include the credit card billing address for your channel reservations.

Contact your channel's Account Manager if you want to the credit card billing addresses to be sent automatically from the channel to Cloudbeds PMS.

When setting up credit card payments, you will have the following optional selections to choose from:

If desired, you can leave all of the options unchecked, leaving the billing address as non-required.

The option Use Guest Details as Billing Details when information is not available means that if the payment gateway settings were configured to ask for some additional credit card details in booking engine, when an OTA reservation comes, the system will fill out the basic card data and the rest of the of information will be pulled from the guest details.

If you do not have this option available, contact our support team.

Credit card configuration

When your guest is paying with a credit card, you can select which fields you want to display and which of those fields are mandatory. Applied to your direct reservations (Cloudbeds Booking Engine).

The list varies based on each gateway.

Processing methods (automatic/scheduled actions)

When the payment gateway is connected successfully, you can configure Cloudbeds PMS to manage the deposit payment of those reservations automatically.

You will see a list of radio buttons to select the default option for direct reservations (Cloudbeds Booking Engine reservations). If you are connected to the OTAs such as, Agoda, Expedia, etc you will likewise see an option to select a default option for those channels as well.

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