Rate Plans and Packages - Everything you need to know

You can create special rate plans and packages for any time period or day of the week and with length-of-stay limitations, among other restrictions.

Check this article if you want to sync your rate plans with the connected channels: How to Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels (OTAs)?

Cloudbeds believes every lodging business is unique. We have tools for every size and budget to establish and grow. Reach out to our Support Team for more information on each available package.

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By using Rate Plans & Packages you can:

  • Configure a rate plan to set different price and policy of the booking
  • Set up discounted rate for any period, including availability on specific days of the week with minimum and maximum length of stay limitations (Flexible, Refundable, Non-Refundable, Weekly/Monthly Discount, Last Minute)
  • Create a package to upsell the add-ons on your property
  • Set up promotional rates with promo codes guests can use to book

Where to use rate plans & packages:

  • OTAs / Distribution channels
  • Reservations booked on your property's website / Facebook (via booking engine)
  • Manual reservations created within Cloudbeds
Step 1 - How to Setup
  1. Access Rate Plans & Packages page
  2. Click +New Rate Plan
  1. Enter Rate Plan name (Public): Rate Plan name that will be displayed upon creating a new reservation and on the Internet Booking Engine. You can also give the rate plan name in other languages by selecting the language button.
  2. Enter Rate Plan name (Private): This is an internal Name for the package that will not be displayed upon creating reservations and on the Internet Booking Engine. This is used to name rate plans differently if they all have similar names (i.e Breakfast Included - August Breakfast Included - September Breakfast Included, etc).
  3. Is this a derived Rate Plan?
    Please check further details below:
Derived Rate Plan

If you select Yes: Derived rate plan is a percentage or amount higher or lower than the base rate (i.e. 10% higher than the base rate, $15 lower than base rate). This is a perfect option in case you have a fixed discount/price increase for specific conditions of stay, for example, -10% for all stays which are longer than 5 nights.

  • Due to the system's limitations, the maximum value that can be input as a discount is 99.99%.
  • When the Base Rate is set to any amount below $50, and the Derived Rate Plan is set to -99.99%, the room will not show availability due to 0 rate.

If you have price differentials configured, rate plan prices could also be affected. For more information about Price Differentials, please see How to set price differentials in the availability matrix

When you create a derived rate plan, the interval added on the same page below will be automatically filled out with the percentage/rate entered:

When you set a derived rate plan, the standard price will appear stricken through on the booking engine (while non-derived rate plan will not)

Non-derived rate plan

If you select No: Non-derived rate plan require you to enter package rates for each day of week within rate plan interval.

If you have Price Differential feature configured, it will not affect non-derived rate plans by default. You would have to set it up in the Price Differentials settings. For more details on this, please see How to set price differentials in the availability matrix.

  1. Promotion Code (for booking engine): If you would like this rate plan or package to show only when a promotion code is entered, select Yes. This rate plan will only appear if the correct promotion code is entered
    • If the package has a promotional code applied, the rate plan will not be available for channel's mapping
  2. If you enable the promo code option and enter a promo code, you'll be given a direct link to the booking engine poge with the promo code applied in advance
  3. Select add-ons included in your package: Select certain add-ons to make them part of the package rate. If the room costs 100 per day with a special offer and you add 'Breakfast' as an add-on to the package, the guest should pay 100 for both the room and breakfast
  4. Select which sources* rate plan will be available for

*This applies to direct reservations only (added manually or booked via booking engine).

If Website isn't selected, this rate plan won't show up on the booking engine.

The information below will be displayed on the booking engine:

  1. Inclusions: What does the package include? Ex: Breakfast, Shuttle
  2. Policies: Enter the package policies. Please note that it's the responsibility of the system user and the property's guests to follow the policies. Policies entered here can't be controlled by the system
  3. Image: Upload an image to promote your package
Step 2. Rate Plan Availability
  1. After entering basic information scroll down and click Add Interval

At least ONE interval needs to be added in order to save the rate plan

With the feature Advanced Channel Rates, the rate plan fields marked with a green icon can be synced with OTAs / Channels once the rate plans are mapped and if it's supported by the channel. Please read this article to check which channels support this function.

  1. Enter interval name
  2. Select accommodations to which this rate plan will be applied
  3. Select the date range for this rate plan (start and end dates)
  4. Select on which days of the week the rate plan will be available
  5. Enter restrictions for the rate plan if needed (not mandatory)
  1. Saleable Accommodations. Here you can:
    • Keep All selected and apply to all rooms
    • Uncheck All box in order to specify how many accommodations of a certain type you allow to sell with package pricing.
  2. Rate: If your plan is non-derived - enter the package Rate for each day of the week. If the rates are the same for each day of the week - enter it once and click Apply under Apply to all column.
  3. Additional Guest Pricing: If you charge an additional fee for adults or children not included in the rate, you can indicate the price of each additional adult and child below.
    • Use the same as base rate: The same price for each additional adult and/or child set on base rates will be applied.
    • Derive by same value as rate plan: The derived price for each additional adult and/or child set on base rates will be applied.
    • Custom: You can indicate a new price for each additional adult and/or child for this rate interval.
  4. Click Add Interval to save interval
  1. After you have added an interval to your rate plan, click SAVE button at the bottom of the screen.

You may add as many intervals as you wish by clicking on Add Interval.

How to save, edit or delete rate plans

Once you saved your rate plan, you will be redirected to Rate Plans & Packages page, where you can:

  1. Search for Rate Plans
  2. Active for Sources / mybookings: This toggle controls whether your rate plan is displayed on the booking engine, available internally as a source during new reservation creation and whether it is available for channel sync if you have Advanced Channel Rates.
  3. Edit, copy or delete packages by clicking on the gear icon
Adding an interval which overlaps existing interval

If you add a new interval which date range overlaps the existing interval, the system will throw a notification asking whether you want to proceed and showing how the system will modify the existing interval.


  1. You created a rate plan with one interval called ''Summer 2021'' starting from August 1st 2021 until August 31st 2021.
  2. In the same rate plan, you added a new interval called ''Holiday 2021'' starting from August 8th 2021 until August 14th 2021 (it overlaps with ''Summer 2021'' interval)
  3. The system will throw the following alert. If you click Confirm, the system will automatically create 3 intervals by breaking existing interval into 2 and pasting the new interval between them.

The interval would also be broken down if the stay restrictions (MinLos or MaxLos) are edited through the Availability Matrix.

How to create new direct reservation with a Rate Plan
  1. Use the filter Display and select the Rate Plan and Packages, Promotional Rates in the dropdown
  2. Enter the promo code if any
  3. Proceed with further steps to complete the reservation. Please see article: How to create a new reservation on myfrontdesk

If a booking was made with a rate plan - this will be displayed on the reservation details page under 'Rate Plan(s)'.

Example: "Stay 3, pay 2!" package
  1. Go to Rates and Availability and select Rate Plan & Packages
  2. Click Add New Package
  1. Give an internal name (just for your reference) and an external name (which will be made public) to your package
  2. Select Derived plan
  3. Select the minus sign ("-") and percentage ("%"), since we will give a percentage discount in relation to the base rate

The rule we want to put in is that for any booking of 3 nights within the selected period, an overnight stay will be free, which means that when you book 3 nights, the guest will have 33.34% discount on the total amount. For example, if we created a 4-night package for the price of 3, the discount would be 25%.

Then enter the number 33.34 in the value field.

  1. Complete the other additional sources, item data, description, terms, and conditions and add an image that illustrates the package. We recommend including in the Terms and Conditions the rules of use of the promotional rate to avoid misunderstandings. A non-refundable early check-in (or check-in) is a common practice.
  1. Under the Availability section, click Add Interval. We will add the periods in which the package is in effect.
  1. Select room types that this package applies
  2. Select the start date and end date of package availability. The promotional package will be visible to guests who select arrival and departure dates within the period
  3. Set the minimum and maximum length of stay to 3 days. You can also include extra rules according to your strategy
  4. Scroll down and click Add Interval
  5. Save everything. It is also recommended to access your booking engine and test this promo

Remember that Closed to Arrival works differently here, if you wish to close a day for arrival in this interval, you will have to create a new interval, select the same period, select only the day of the week you want to close to arrival, and select the close to arrival rule.

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Why am I unable to edit prices for a derived rate plan?

The system doesn't allow you to do so because it will override the rate plan rule. If you want to change the rate plan prices, please visit the Rate Plans & Packages page. See section: How to save, edit or delete rate plan

You have chosen dates that are overlapping with an existing interval

For each of your promotions, you will need to build a separate rate plan and enter the Availability & Rate interval within that rate plan.

The reason you received the message "You have chosen dates that are overlapping with an existing interval" is because you have already  inputted an interval for that time frame and by choosing to proceed, it will update the rate plan to the new interval. 

Is it possible to Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels (OTAs)?

Yes - You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to channels (only available for Cloudbeds Premier or higher plan)

Check the following article for further details: Advanced Channel Rates - How to Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels (OTAs)?

Why my rate plan keeps adding a new interval?

When you are changing the stay restrictions (MinLos, MaxLos, Closed to Arrival, Closed to Departure) of the rate plan on the Availability Matrix, it will be reflected as a new interval inside the rate plan. You can verify the Intervals table to see what has changed or check the Activity Logs.

When a reservation can change the original rate plan name to the base rate?

A reservation will change the original rate plan name to the base rate in the following scenarios:

  1. A reservation received through the channel is edited on myfrontdesk.
    For example, the reservation was received from Booking.com and you have changed it's room type in Cloudbeds PMS:
  1. The reservation is moved to a room type and/or date not included in the rate plan.
    In this case the user will see the warning as below and can click CONTINUE to proceed.
  1. A user without the permission Create/Edit rate plans reassigns the reservation on the calendar. In this case the user will also see the warning as shown above and will be able to click CONTINUE to proceed.
DEMO Mountain Resort and Spa - Roles - Google Chrome
  1. The rate plan used for the reservation is deleted.
    The system will ask to edit the linked reservations prior to deleting the rate plan:

To bring back the rate plan name after deleting the old one, you can edit the reservation and choose the rate plan option through the following options:

  • Quick Edit:
  • Edit Reservation:
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