FACT - Frequently Asked Questions

FACT is a management solution for properties located in Portugal only, certified by the tax authority, which allows you to issue invoices.

If you want to connect your FACT account to your Cloudbeds account, check the following knowledge base article: FACT - How to Connect Fact to Cloudbeds PMS

This article covers the most frequently asked questions about FACT integration.

Is it possible to connect only one FACT account to two or more Cloudbeds accounts?


You can have only one FACT account and connect to two (or more) Cloudbeds accounts. The only option is to create two (or more) API keys under the same FACT account.

In this case, contact Cloudbeds support team and we will create an API for each account with different names so you can easily identify the property invoices.

Can I cancel an issued invoice?


After the Invoice has been issued, you can go back to the guest's folio to cancel (void) and then reissue an invoice with the correct information.

  1. Access the guest's folio.
  2. Next to the payment that you issued the invoice, click on the gear icon.
  3. Click Void Invoice.

If desired, issue a new invoice by following the steps here: FACT - How to Issue FACT Invoices

You can only cancel the invoice for the total amount. The invoice cannot be canceled partially.

Is it possible to issue a credit note?

When you cancel the invoice (check the section Can I cancel an issued invoice? above), this action will be reflected on your FACT account and generated as Credit Note (Nota de Crédito).

How can I refund a transaction that has already been invoiced?


The system doesn't allow refunding a transaction if there is already an invoice issued for it — the option to refund will be greyed out.

I clicked on the gear icon and couldn't find the option to issue Fact Invoice. How to proceed?

If you're trying to issue an invoice and the option Issue Fact Invoice / Emitir Fatura Recibo is missing, confirm that you have selected the payment allocation. Please, click here to learn how allocate the payment.

Can I issue a single invoice for separately posted payments?


You need to issue an invoice for each payment posted on the folio. You can not merge two or more payments into the same invoice. If you need to issue one invoice for multiple payments, we suggest to refund one (or more) payments and then add the payment(s) together to issue one FACT invoice. 

When I click to issue the invoice, will my guest receive the invoice automatically?

No. To send the invoice to your guest, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the reservation
  2. Click on the Documents tab
  3. Download the invoice
  4. Save the document on your device
  5. Send it to your guest manually
Is it possible to change the invoice issue date in Cloudbeds PMS?

At the moment, it is not possible to change the date that the invoice was issued (in Cludbeds PMS and also in FACT system).

If you need to issue an invoice with the guest's check-out date, it is necessary to perform the steps to issue an invoice immediately after the checkout.

Can I restrict a certain users from canceling FACT invoices issued via Cloudbeds PMS?

We do not have the option to restrict users from canceling FACT invoices on Cloudbeds PMS yet.

Is it possible to issue FACT invoice for customer who is not a guest?


In some cases, the property has customers who are not a guest but need to issue an invoice for that customer (i.e. lunch at the property's restaurant).

Use House Accounts to post customer's items and payment, and then issue the invoice normally by following the same steps above - In this case, the customer data must be added manually to issue the invoice.

What if I already have a FACT account created and I only need to connect to Cloudbeds PMS account?

Don't worry, you do not need to create a new FACT account.

  1. Access your FACT account and add our Integrations email (integrations@cloudbeds.com) as a new user under Utilizadores e Permissões tab.
  1. Send an email to our support team confirming that you've already added our integrations email as a new user
  2. Cloudbeds Integrations team will check if we've already received an invite to access your FACT account and proceed with the next steps.
  3. A new API key will be created and connected to yourCloudbeds account by our support team
Is it possible to change the NIF of a company that is already registered on FACT?

According to FACT, it is not possible to change the NIF of a company that is already registered.

There are two solutions:

  1. Create a new company from scratch and connected it with your Cloudbeds account
  2. If you already have a new FACT account and only need to connect to your Cloudbeds PMS, follow the steps above "What if I already have a FACT account created and I only need to connect to Cloudbeds account?"
How to export SAF-T report?

This is only possible though your FACT account.

If you have any questions on how to proceed, please contact FACT directly. Cloudbeds PMS doesn't have this option at the moment.

Does FACT/Cloudbeds allow me to issue an invoice in advance?


Let's suppose that today is October 24, 2022, and your guest has a reservation for December 24, 2022 and already paid the whole amount. In this case, you can issue an invoice right after the payment is received.

Is it possible to add notes to FACT invoices?

Yes, the notes added while issuing the invoice (Issue Receipt Invoice screen) will be displayed in FACT receipt invoice, as follows:

Here is how the customer will see the added notes:

When my FACT account is connected to my Cloudbeds account, what does it include?

Currently, you'll have the following functionalities:

  • Ficheiro SAF-T export
  • Document Cancelation
  • Budget emissions and Fatura Pro-Forma
  • API Access
  • Powertools Package

If you have any questions about the above items, contact FACT support team directly.

Does Cloudbeds PMS have FACT invoices report?

At the moment, Cloudbeds PMS does not have a report for FACT invoices. Each invoice will be displayed under customer's reservation (Documents tab).

If you are facing issues or error messages, check the following knowledge base article: FACT - Troubleshooting

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