FACT - How to Issue FACT Invoices

FACT is a management solution for properties located in Portugal only, certified by the tax authority, which allows you to issue invoices.

This article explains how to issue FACT invoices from within Cloudbeds PMS.

If you don't have a FACT account or if you are having issues with this integration, check the following knowledge base articles or reach out to support team:

How to Issue Invoices

Groups module doesn't work with FACT invoices. In such cases, the invoices needs to be manually generated from within FACT software.

Step 1 - Allocate the payment added to guest's folio

Payment allocation is required in order to issue the invoice.

Access the reservation that you want to issue the invoice

  1. Access the guest folio
  2. Click on the gear icon and click to allocate the payment
Step 2 - Issue the Invoice

Only after payment allocation, you will have the option to issue the Invoice. There are two options:

  • Option 1: Proceed and issue the invoice in the same screen of the payment allocation
  • Option 2: Allocate the payment and issue the invoice later

Review the options details below:

  • Only issue invoices if you allocated the full payment
  • If you skip the payment allocation, the option to issue an Invoice with FACT will not be displayed
  • The 'i' icon next to the payment means that it has already been allocated - either totally or partially
Option 1 - Issue the Invoice after the Payment Allocation
  1. Next to the payment already allocated, click on the gear icon to display the option to Issue Fact invoice (Fatura-Recibo)
  1. Select the guest that you want to issue the invoice
  2. Contact and Billing Information: The system will fill out all fields using the Guest Profile information. If needed, it is possible to make changes to the data according to your needs or you can fill out the fields with guest's company data.

Data Required for Guests from Portugal:

  • Tax ID - enter the guest's NIF number. If this field is left blank, it will be displayed on invoice as Consumidor Final
  • ZIP code - Enter the zip code. If this field is empty, the system will automatically fill out as 00000-000.

Data Required for Foreign Guests:

  • Only the Name and Country are required
  1. Add Notes, if needed. (These notes will be displayed in FACT invoice)
  2. Click to Issue Fact invoice (Fatura-Recibo)

* Mandatory Fields

Option 2 - Issue the Invoice at the same time as Payment Allocation

At the time of the payment allocation, check the box Emitir Fatura Recibo and click to finish the payment allocation process.

The system will automatically redirect you to issue FACT invoice. Follow the steps explained above to finish the process.

Where can I find the invoices that have been issued?

You can either find the invoices on Cloudbeds PMS or FACT accounts:

Cloudbeds PMS

On Cloudbeds PMS you can access the invoice once it has been issue by going to the reservation and following the steps below:

  1. Access the Documents tab
  2. Click on Notas Fiscais
  3. Click on the hyperlink to access the Invoice


On your FACT account, access Vendas tab. You will find all invoices issued within myfrontdesk highlighted with an API symbol and also the invoices issued manually in FACT without the API symbol.

Additional Information about Invoices

Below is an example of how an invoice generated by FACT looks like:

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